Senator Ubah eyes Anambra 2025 governorship election

By our Correspondent

Senator lfeanyi Ubah, representing Anambra South senatorial district, has indicated interest in contesting the state’s governorship election come 2025.

Ubah, who stated this in his Nnewi country home on Monday,scored the incumbent governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, and successive governments in the state low on development and policies that would uplift the state.

He said: “I repeat, I will do a single term in office if I win the election. I don’t need more than four years to develop the state. I don’t need four years to implement some of the plans I have. A singular tenure of four years is my commitment to the Anambra people. I will give them quality, robust, and direction-driven leadership.

“I will shrink the current and past government into 20 per cent; 80 per cent of the content I intend to bring in Anambra has not been discussed before. In four months of being elected, I intend to conduct local government elections and they will stay for four years. This will shed the weight of governance off the governor, and the 21 local governments will run on their own and development will be simultaneous.”

Ubah insisted that he would do things differently. “I know you will say that others have made such promises, but this is my commitment to the people that I will do a single term. I’m different from those who have given this promise before. My people know me as one who sticks to his word. I will have a resounding engagement with stakeholders meeting, and some of them will be written and others verbal,” he stated.

The senator avowed that he who must govern the state must have assets in the state, saying: “The people know that you are one of them and have assets that make you a stakeholder in the state.

“It will not be fair to me to put the kind of investments I have in Anambra, and my children cannot come home to Anambra because of insecurity. We need to fix Anambra and that is the passion I have, and that is why I will be contesting the next governorship election.”

Senator Ubah added: “I have a burning desire to contest the next governorship election in Anambra because this government and those before it have not been able to put the state on the development trajectory that our people desire.

“We need to create support for our commerce; we have to develop our sector to make it a hub for health tourists; and we have to accelerate community development through local government elections.

“Voting for people with overly bloated personalities and structures has failed us; it is time we vote for people with passion, people with a track record—that is who I represent. I am prepared to change the narrative. That is why my manifesto has remained the same from 2013 till date.”


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