Tension Mounts in Nasarawa as Supreme Court Verdict Looms Over Gubernatorial Poll.

…Residents Fear Insecurity if Justice Miscarried

In anticipation of the impending Supreme Court judgment Friday 19th of January,2024 on the Nasarawa Gubernatorial poll, residents voiced concerns over potential miscarriages of justice, emphasizing the heightened risk of insecurity.

Expressing their anxieties, citizens warned that a deviation from the will and mandate of the masses could lead to a precarious crossroads for democracy and unity within the state.

During a survey of major towns and villages, residents conveyed growing apprehension, suggesting that an unfavorable verdict might unravel the fragile peace currently maintained in the state.

Jonathan Abimiku from Karu remarked, “When a court delivers a judgment contrary to democratic integrity and the wishes of the masses, the consequences may result in insecurity, banditry, and kidnapping.”

Retired civil servant Hajiya Hassana Murina Ahmed cautioned the judiciary against judgments that could spark controversy in electoral matters, asserting that such decisions not only jeopardize democratic processes but also sow seeds of disunity.

In Obi local government, Hajiya Fatima Ahmed implored the Supreme Court to adjudicate the Nasarawa case on its merit, urging a consideration of the devastating consequences of decisions that may undermine the people’s trust.

Amidst reports of tension in Karu local government, a security operative, speaking anonymously, acknowledged the prevailing unease. However, the operative urged residents to accept the judgment in good faith for the sake of peace.

A women’s advocacy group, Women for Justice, pleaded with the Supreme Court to ensure justice for Nasarawa State, vowing to continue peaceful protests until fair and just decisions are delivered for the masses, emphasizing the restoration of unity and development in the state.


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