U.S. Secretary of State Blinken Affirms Continued Business Interest in Nigeria


U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has reiterated the United States’ commitment to investing in Nigeria’s economy. Speaking at a news briefing after meeting with President Bola Tinubu at the Presidential Villa in Abuja during his African nations tour, Blinken expressed the eagerness of American entrepreneurs and companies to collaborate and invest in Nigeria, with a particular emphasis on the technology sector.

Highlighting the ongoing partnership, Blinken mentioned how American tech giants have joined forces with Nigerian partners to support President Tinubu’s one million digital jobs initiative. He also noted American companies’ involvement in laying undersea cables and using satellite technology to expand internet access. Blinken emphasized the desire for collaboration to contribute to Nigeria’s technological revolution, creating jobs, fostering business growth, and encouraging innovation in both countries.

Acknowledging Nigeria’s pivotal role in the development partnership between the U.S. and the African continent, Blinken affirmed the U.S.’s commitment to strengthening genuine partnerships to address shared challenges and fulfill the aspirations of both nations’ peoples.

Despite expressing enthusiasm for collaboration, Blinken acknowledged some long-term challenges that Nigeria must overcome to unlock its full potential, including addressing corruption and facilitating the repatriation of foreign capital. He commended President Tinubu’s economic reforms, including unifying the currency and ending fuel subsidies, while recognizing the short-term challenges these reforms may pose to vulnerable communities.

Blinken emphasized the U.S.’s willingness to support Nigeria in overcoming these challenges, mentioning ways the United States can assist while the government carries out essential reforms and works to protect those adversely affected in the short term.

In addition to economic collaboration, Blinken highlighted the substantial investments made by the U.S. private sector in partnership with local entities to contribute to Nigeria’s development, especially in the health sector. The Secretary of State detailed investments in HIV and tuberculosis prevention, care, and treatment, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to strengthen Nigerian institutions for regional public health leadership and drive climate action.

Despite the acknowledged challenges, Blinken affirmed the enduring commitment of both the U.S. government and American entrepreneurs to explore Nigeria’s great potential, recognizing the mutual benefits derived from such partnerships.


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