Ukraine Aims to Reclaim Skies in 2024, Warns of War Fatigue at Davos

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, shared the country’s ambition to regain control of its skies in 2024 during a panel discussion at Davos. He emphasized the strategic importance of controlling the skies, stating that the party in control would determine the timing and conclusion of the war. Kuleba highlighted Ukraine’s achievements in reclaiming territory occupied by Russia in 2022 and pushing the Russian Black Sea fleet from its territorial waters in the previous year.

The panel discussion included European leaders emphasizing the need for sustained support for Ukraine, with Hungarian President Katalin Novak asserting that “Russia cannot win.” Despite acknowledging war fatigue among European allies, Kuleba reassured that Ukrainians would continue to defend their country relentlessly, regardless of exhaustion.

Polish President Andrzej Duda warned about the risks of war fatigue and stressed the importance of preventing it. He noted the diminishing visibility of the war in news agendas and urged allies to address this phenomenon. Kuleba acknowledged the weariness among Ukrainians but affirmed their unwavering commitment to the defense of their nation.

Kuleba’s announcement aligns with Ukraine’s broader strategic goals, emphasizing the critical role of controlling airspace in determining the course of the conflict. The discussion at Davos also touched upon Hungary’s EU veto on utilizing the bloc’s budget to aid Ukraine. Katalin Novak condemned Russian aggression and emphasized the need to support Ukraine for the sake of preserving peace.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković echoed the sentiment, calling for EU members to persist in assisting Ukraine. He mentioned ongoing efforts to formalize regular financial support from the EU to Ukraine and expressed the importance of a unified approach among EU members in providing assistance.


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