Umahi: Politics, Feats and Two Years of Radical Revolution

By Monica Ada Chidinma Eze,
The indefatigable Engr. David Nwaeze Umahi, FNSE, FNATE, who was inaugurated as the Governor of Ebonyi State on May 29, 2015 have spent two years in office by May 29, 2017. In a situation like this, it is imperative to examine and x-ray the feats or otherwise of whoever is saddled with such a highly and exalted position, with a view to ascertaining if such a leader has done well, or have wasted the opportunity given to him or her. In the light of the above, as a concerned young Ebonyian lady, I took this task of analysing and presenting to the world the scorecard and wonders that this energetic, vibrant, visionary and focused leader have brought to bear in the lives of Ebonyi people, and the politics of Nigeria at large.
Umahi, considered by many as the pride of Ebonyi State, have truly redefined governance in the state. He came into the governance of the state when the country was in a recession with determinate consequences of dwindling economic fortune, both at the state and federal levels. As result, it was a big challenge for state governments to pay salaries of civil servants, talk-less of embarking on any meaningful projects that will impact on the lives of their citizens. Umahi came to power when Ebonyi State was considered the most underdeveloped state not only in the Southern part of Nigeria but as one of the most underdeveloped in Nigeria. He came to power when our people have lost hope in governance, as they were not only denied dividends of democracy but no longer knew what governance is all about.
Apart from the above challenges and in order to compound the situation in Ebonyi State; it is sad to note that most members of the opposition political parties in Ebonyi instead of complimenting or supporting the efforts of the Umahi’s administration prefer not see anything good in his efforts to improve on the wellbeing and progress of the State and in their attempts to castigate and ridicule the Umahi’s administration, their embark upon campaign of calumny by presenting an erroneous picture of the government as not performing or executing any meaningful project. Some of them have mischievously ascribed the three flyovers being built by the administration to the Federal Government, questioning the financial muscle of the state government to embark upon such gigantic projects, in view of the lean purse of the state. It is sad that some people, because of politics, have resolved to be blind to the great works that the governor is doing in Ebonyi. Their unfortunate stand notwithstanding, majority of Ebonyians, including outsiders, are fully aware and appreciative of the great work happening in the state.
I am glad to note that all these challenges and uncomfortable scenarios were just incentives for Umahi to do the impossible in Ebonyi State as he demonstrates his ingenuity in the arts of governance that forced the amiable Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, to describe him as the “wisest governor” in Nigeria. It is also a fact not minding the position of the opposition political parties and people that are awed by the great feats of the Umahi’s administration in such a short period of time that under the administration of this enigma, Ebonyi State can boast of the best Laboratory Diagnostic Centre and equipped Virology Centre. Recently, the Inspector-General of Police stated that Umahi is the most-friendly governor in Nigeria, while the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stuart Symington described the Ebonyi Rice as the best in the entire world; while the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright stated that, “Ebonyi roads are the best in the South-East”. With all these postulations, one cannot make any mistake to declare that Umahi has delivered.
Let me state further that at a time when many other states are finding it difficult to pay workers’ salaries or meet other basic needs as a result of the economic recession in the country, the Umahi Administration, despite Ebonyi’s modest resources, embarks on numerous road projects, flyovers, roundabouts, street lights and hospitals, while also executing a revolution in agriculture, as well as the educational and health sectors. This is in addition to regular payment of civil servants, who also get paid at 13th month by the State Government. Therefore, Governor Ikpeazu was 100% correct in describing Governor Umahi as the wisest State Governor in Nigeria.
Before presenting to you the scorecard of the two years of revolution in Ebonyi under the leadership of Governor Umahi, let me formally present this enigma of a man who goes by the title – Akubaraoha – because of his philanthropy and concern for humanity for your study and perusal.
The Politics and the Profile of Engr. Dvid Nweze Umahi
Engr. Dave Nweze Umahi was a very successful businessman before he ventured into politics. Besides, he has all the good things to make one comfortable. However, his desire to make a difference in the politics of his state influenced him to contest the highest political office in the state and, as God would have it, he succeeded through what is commonly defined in Ebonyi as Divine Mandate. He is popularly known by his chieftaincy title, Akubaraaoha (wealth that touches the lives of the multitude), because of his benevolence and philanthropy through which he has awarded thousands of scholarship to indigent students of Ebonyi State and alleviated many in other ventures.
Engr. Dave. Nweze Umahi against all odds and obstacles put before his path by the Elechi’s political machine won the gubernatorial election in Ebonyi State in 2015 very convincingly; an election that radically changed the political mindset and landscape of Ebonyi State and made Engr. Umahi the first person from the southern section of the State to become the Governor of Ebonyi State. He has so exhibited and impacted his vision so visibly that Nigerians now boast and celebrate that truly a new visionary, focused, determined, patriotic, revolutionary, egalitarian leader in the mould of Dr. Akanu Ibiam the first Governor of the defunct Eastern Nigeria who happens to come from the same section of the State like Umahi is thrown to the centre stage of the politics of our country, Nigeria.
He ran and won the Governorship of Ebonyi state on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Born January 1, 1964 to late Elder Joseph Umahi Nweze and Margret Umahi of Umunaga in Uburu, Ohaoazara Local Government Area of Ebonyi Stte.. Umahi received his secondary education from Ishiagu High School and the Government Secondary School of Afikpo before entering the Enugu State University of Science and Technology in 1982. He graduated in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.
In 1990, he co-founded Norman Engineering and Construction Nig. Limited with Ombo Isokarari, serving as its general manager until 1993. Until 2011, he served as chairman and CEO of Brass Engineering & Construction Nig. Ltd., Focus Investment Nig. Ltd., and Osborn La Palm Royal Resort Ltd.
Umahi entered public service in 2007 as the acting chairman of the Ebonyi State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party. From 2009 to 2011, he served as state chairman of the party. During that term, he served a year on the governing board of the Federal Medical Centre in Asaba as its chairman.
In 2011, Umahi became deputy governor of Ebonyi State on a ticket with Chief Martin Elechi. In 2014, the then Governor Elechi supported Dr. Onyebuchi Chukwu, Minister of Health, as his successor, which Umahi said violated an understanding that he would take over from Elechi In October 2015, the legitimacy of the election was upheld by the Governorship Election Tribunal and later by the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
Umahi had defeated the then Labour Party candidate, Dr. Edward Nkwegu who came second in the disputed election. The result of the election was consequently challenged by his fiercest rival, from the tribunal to the Supreme Court and Engr. Umahi secured victory at every stage.
Having been a PDP chairman before being elected Elechi’s Deputy in 2011, Engr. Umahi, who was adjudged by many sound politicians as an old broom that knows all corners of the house and therefore should sweep better in party politics, had tactfully warmed himself into the then PDP national hierarchy and the Presidency and proved himself as an outstanding political tactician.
Not to give room to any political manoeuvre by his opponents he enrolled an army that will begin deep grassroots penetration across and breadth of the State by mobilising and strongly supported the formation of Akubaraoha Youth Assembly with Comrade Mark Chopper Onu as its National Coordinator. In addition, the appointment of over 191 Special Technical Assistants and Technical Assistants across all the crooks and crannies of the Salt of the Nation, the efforts of any opposing group to unseat him will amount only to an exercise in futility.
Umahi and his mission in Ebonyi State
Brian Tracy was foreseeing what is currently happening in Ebonyi State through the incumbent governor, Engr. Umahi, when he stated: “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’” To strengthen the position of Tracy, John Bunyan on the other hand stated: “You have not lived today, until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” All these leaders’ positions tally with Engr Dave Umahi’s vision and mission for Ebonyi State when he stated, “Our mission is to enhance the welfare of our people, and empower all Ebonyians to be self-reliant, through the compassionate delivery of transparent and God-fearing governance, based on integrity and dignity.”
His feats within two years
A.  Roads, Bridges, flyovers, streets light
As part of activities marking the 2017 Democracy Day celebration, the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David   Umahi, has inaugurated two bridges completed by his administration at Amangwu Edda in Afikpo South Local Government Area. The governor also inaugurated street light at the Presbyterian Joint Hospital Road, Uburu in Ohaozara LGA and inspected some ongoing road projects in the town.
Other projects inspected  during this auspicious event were the  Abakaliki-Afikpo Road, 11.2km Okue-Nzerem-Akaeze Road and water treatment plant in Ivo Local Government Area; 25.3km Amasiri-Okposi- Uburu Road; a six- span bridge across Ebonyi River in  Ishinkwo, Onicha LGA and  St. Mary Road in Afikpo North LGA.
Water Works Road, Ogoja–Onuebonyi–Rice Mill Road, Gunning Road, New Market Road,  Nkaliki–EBBC–EBHA–Abakaliki LGA Road, Hosanna Park, Hosanna Street, Ezika Street (Yam market), Old Park, Jos Street, Obiri Street, Nwodo Street, Mberi Street, Awolowo Street, Nsugbe Street, Uga Street, Ezza Road, Udensi Round-about–Mile 50, Adiq Suite Road, Gulf Round-about–Quarry–Fide Mbam Road, Hausa Quarters, Onwe Road, Vanco Junction to Government House, Convent Road, Meat Market, New Market Road, Udemezue Street, Arondizuogu Street, Nkwogu Street and Zik Avenue.
Akanu Ibiam fly-over, Presco Junction flyover, International Market flyover, EBSU Campus-gate Pedestrian crossing, Udensi Bridge, Haraca–Oshim Igbele Street, Obi Street, Watchman Street, Ibe/Obodoukwu Street, Osborn La-Palm–Ogbaga Road, Eze & Bros–Oroke Onuoha Road, Erkanka Street, Agbado-Ozo Street from FRSC, Aguogboriga layout, Police Quarters internal road, Mbam-Agbo Extension (a virgin road), Mbam-Agbo Street, from G Hostel, Off Hatchery Road, Ezeadikwa Street, Ugo Dan Street, Emefor Street, Agbaja Road (from Chosen church, IDU Hall), Omougo Street, Itapa Azobu, opposite Grace Court, Amike Aba Road, Edema Close, Ezekeikwo Street, Mgbabor Street, Oroke Onuoha Road, St Patrick’s Church–Ogbaga Road (swamp), Diamond Point Road, road behind Staff Development Centre, Anulo Junction–Nwogodo Road. Ndiagu Layout, Abakaliki, Onoogolu Street, Isuofia Street, Okeke Street, Ugwuoba Street, Nsukka Street, Nawfia Street, Akaeze Street, Mbadugha Street, Neni Street, Ukpo Street, Uke Street, Anekwe Street, Igbokwe Street, Iwolo Street, Adazi Street, Atuenyi Street, Mbanefo Street, Ezejiofor Street, Nnewi Street, Abagana Street.
Ongoing projects in Ebonyi North
Ezzamgbo–Effium Road, Hill Top–Nwofe road, Ishieke–Odomoke road (Nwiboko Obodo Road), Amike–Abegu-Ozibo bridge, Amachara–Oferekpe–Ovuduechi Road.
Ongoing projects in Ebonyi Central
Enyibichiri Ikwo Road, Ndufu–Alike–FUNAI Road, Nkalagu–Ehamufu Road.
Ongoing projects in Ebonyi South
Amasiri–Okposi–Uburu road, Ezzama–Oshiri-Onicha-Isu-Uburu Road, Amasiri–Nguzu–Owutu Edda Road, Amangwu–Owutu Edda Bridge, Ihenu channelisation/culverts, Ntezi–Agba–Isu Road.
Engr. Dave Umahi further stated that his aim of using indigenous contractors in the execution of projects was to empower them. “It is a debt I owe Ebonyi people to also empower indigenous contractors to come of age.”
On his part, a former governor of the state, Dr. Egwu, commended Umahi for his performance, saying his achievements within so short a time had repositioned the state. At the border between   Amasiri and Okposi, Egwu who was highly impressed with the thickness of the concreted part of the road, said, “I must confess that you have surpassed all of us.” He thereafter after asked Umahi to walk along with him on the road and jocularly told him:”I think with the long stretch and smoothness of this road that I am seeing it can be a tarmac. Aircraft can land it.” Governor Umahi had told the team that the road, when completed would last 75 years.
B.  Remarkable Feats In the Health Sector
1.   The menace of Lassa Fever epidemic in Ebonyi state and Construction/Equipping of Virology Centre
In 2005, Lassa fever killed five health workers. In 2008, it killed three health workers and affected many others and sadly two of these three health workers were Medical Doctors while in 2012, it affected about 12 health workers with one person dead.  In 2013, there was also isolated case where one person died. These affected numbers exclude other citizens we don’t have their records.
This menace was a real terror and caused a lot of havoc in the state and the major challenges we had in curtailing it was the fact that the treatment of this disease is very costly, two; is that the Virology Laboratory in the State a Federal health Institution qualified to treat this ailment doesn’t have isolation ward with only three rooms. In this case, if we have more than three victims at a time, others are kept in the general ward thereby endangering both patients and health workers. The State can’t also confirm the diagnosis of victims until samples are sent to Irrua Special Hospital in Edo State for confirmation of the diagnosis.
It takes about five days to get the confirmation report from Edo which means treatment of the victim will be delayed and if proven positive the symptoms becomes very bad. If you commence early treatment the patient has chances of survival as the disease is curable and preventable provided the needful are done at the appropriate time
When the above ugly scenario and challenges was presented to Governor Umahi, he immediately charged the Ministry of Health to commence the building of a Virology Centre in Ebonyi State within a month and to equip it accordingly. Based on the Governor’s charge, the ministry has completed the construction and equipping of a multi-million naira modern virology centre in FETHA II, Abakaliki, where suspected cases of Lassa fever and other acute hemorrhagic fevers will be diagnosed and managed. This is the first of its kind in the South-east. This project started because of the governor’s love for his people, who before this period has lost so many lives due delays in sending and receiving sample results from Irrua Specialist Hospital in Edo State.
The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Folorunso Adewole who commissioned the centre stated that with the establishment of this centre that it will enhance a great partnership between FG and the state government and will among other benefits, lead to the provision of more equipment and grants to the Centre. Adewole expressed hope that the centre would help curb the menace of lassa fever ravaging the zone, assuring that the purpose of the centre would never be defeated.
2.   Checking Epidemic Outbreaks
The ministry, since May 29, 2015, has put in professional competence in management of outbreak of epidemics in the state. It has strengthened the epidemiology unit and its emergency response unit to ensure that all cases of outbreaks are brought under control. This is evident in the way the ministry managed and controlled the cholera outbreak that was ongoing in different parts of the state, starting from February 2015, and prior to the inception of this administration in May 2015. This deadly disease was successfully controlled within two weeks of Umahi’s intervention. The ministry also, during the recent outbreaks of the dreaded Lassa fever, controlled it to barest minimum, and ensured free treatment of 83 patients who had fully recovered and discharged from the hospital. The state government, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, has also approved that the treatment and diagnosis of malaria, in all government-owned hospitals free of charge. This has drastically reduced the morbidity and mortality associated with malaria.
3.   Medical Outreach
One of the most recent achievements of this administration is the medical outreach, called Akubara-oha Free Medical Outreach, conducted at Ezzeama in Ezza South LGA and Agugwu-Uburu in Ohaozara LGA. The results of the exercises are quite successful. Over 2000 medical cases were seen: 98 surgeries, 26 tooth extractions, and 262 eye glasses issued to eye patients. Most of our people who because of economic situation could not access medical care were treated free of charge. The joy of these people knew no bounds as they prayed for God’s guidance and long live for the governor. His Excellency, having seen the success of these exercises and its attendant benefits, gave the ministry the mandate to conduct such free medical outreach in all the 24 constituencies of Ebonyi. The ministry is already concluding arrangements to kick-start the exercise. The whole essence is to ensure that the poorest of the poor get medical care of all ailments, and to reduce their disease burden and, ultimately, prevent untimely deaths to the rural people.
4.   Incinerators
The ministry, under this administration, attracted 2No modern giant incinerators from the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, which is used for the management of medical waste. Such medical wastes had posed treats and constituted public health hazards in the past in Ebonyi State, as what we have been using is local crude methods of medical waste disposal. The ministry has completed the construction of the concrete base platform for the installation of these incinerators. One of the incinerators is located in Onicha General Hospital, and the other one at Ezzamgbo General Hospital, and they will service the whole of the state and beyond.
Construction of Chest Clinic at Mile 4 Hospital, Upgrading of General Hospitals, Purchase of Medical Equipment to FETHA, proper Immunization of our kids,  Integrated measles campaign in Ebonyi State: 28thJanuary to 1stFeb 2016, saving three Million Lives, Arresting the scourge of cholera etc
C.  Security and Peace in Ebonyi:
The governor, in his principle that if there is no peace meaningful development will not only be elusive but developments earlier achieved will be destroyed, have reiterated that trouble-makers should look for other states to relocate. In this regard based on the Governor’s vision to fight the menace of kidnapping, robbery and other vices prevalent in the State, the Governor collaborates with the State commissioners of police and other security agencies to achieve security of the State. Today, Ebonyi State is one of the most secured States in Nigeria with zero tolerance and operation of criminals. To achieve this and according to the Governor, “We’re trying to man all our exit points with provision at every exit junctions with the use of CCTV to see what happens 300 metres along the road. Every base will be powered by solar light.   So, we’re starting the pilot scheme with hope that the Police will assist the State with the relevant manpower.”
Setting the pace in sustaining peace in Ebonyi, thereby making the state conducive for a peaceful co-existence, Chief Umahi, said he would deal decisive with any individual or group of persons that attempt to re-ignite the Ezza-Ezillo crisis that has claimed more than 200 lives, and property worth millions of naira destroyed.
The governor said that he is still committed to ensure that the peace accord signed by Ezilo and Ezza-Ezilo people, which brought to an end the protracted communal clash, is not violated by any individual no matter how highly placed.
The Governor maintained that, in the area of security, my government is awake to the challenges of securing lives and property in the state and will remain so ever.  Ebonyi is no longer a safe haven for kidnappers and armed robbers. I am glad to tell Ebonyians that throughout the Yuletide, there was no news of kidnapping or armed robbery in any part of the state.
His words: “I stand on the altar of God to say that anybody that wants to ignite crisis in Ezza-Ezillo, I will crush the person. I have directed that the people that organised or wanted to organise a rally in honour of their brothers and sisters in the unfortunate incident should be made available to me. They will spend the Christmas in cell. I must be emphatic, there is nothing to remember.”
 D.  Agriculture
Agriculture is one area the State have regained national prominence and accolades even from Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari. It is a thing of joy that Ebonyi is now a reference point in terms of Agriculture. The Governor stated, “I am highly glad that Ebonyians keyed into our vision to make Agriculture our principal income earner. We will not lose our focus and vision in this area in 2017. We cannot be talking about achieving self-sufficiency in agriculture without opening up our local roads for effective and efficient evacuation of farm produce to our urban markets. Thus this year 2017, we shall strive assiduously to ensure commencement of work on the Abakaliki Ring Road which cuts across most of the Local Government Areas in the state.
E.   Rural Electrification
According to Governor Umahi, In 2017, we shall take our rural electrification project to all the three senatorial districts. 
F.   Social services:
To fight poverty in 2017 and effectively too, we shall continue with our empowerment programmes. More of our youths must be engaged through deliberate empowerment policies of my government.  The women will not be left out.  We shall empower the women in several ways to ensure they are engaged in productive ventures.
In this regard, Gov. Umahi celebrated with Ebonyi some state elders who are above 80years and in the process empowered 10 indigent widows from each of the 171 wards in Ebonyi state to start up small scale businesses.
13th Month Salary Bonus:
The Governor pays and approves extra one month salary bonus, otherwise called 13th month to workers under the state employment in the spirit of Christmas celebration, and in addition distributes bags of rice and tubers of yam to each of staff. Directs that junior workers receive 100 per cent bonus, whereas senior ones would be paid 50 per cent of whatever they receive monthly, boasting that his administration was neither owing workers salaries nor pensions. He disclosed his administration’s plan to begin immediate payment of gratuity arrears owed by both local and state governments since 1993, amounting to N8 billion.
Free Transpiration of Home-bound Ebonyians:
In demonstration of the selfless nature of his administration, the governor approves the transportation of all Ebonyians in Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Nnewi, Onitstha and other big towns in Nigeria where they reside back home to the state capital, Abakaliki by every Christmas festivity since he assumed office. Martin Luther King Jr, may have had Umahi at the back of his mind when he stated: “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” Throwing more light in this regard, the great Indian leader of all times, Mahatma Gandhi said: “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”  Umahi’s benevolence and his love for his people will forever speak for him throughout his life.
Umahi slashes Ebonyi varsity student’s tuition
Engr. David Umahi; the Governor out of his magnanimity directed for the reduction of the fees of the state university students by  N10,000  thereby bringing to an end the intractable agitation by students  for tuition slashing. Recall that tuition was increased by former Governor Martin Elechi, a development that led to protests by the students.
Apart from this, in order to promote education in Ebonyi State the governor has given approval to set up a mathematical centre in Abakaliki. Based further on this, he offered scholarship, to 1. Miss Igwe Amarachi from GTC, Agba. 2. Miss Ikechukwu Mary from Uburu Secondary School. 3. Sorochukwu Nwefuru from GTC, Abakaliki. 4. Ori Catherine from GTC, Agba
G. Special awards and recognition
1. Award from the Police
The Nigeria Police Force has described the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Umahi, as the best police-friendly governor in Nigeria and in recognition of this, the Force, through its Deputy Inspector-General, Valentine Ntomchukwu, presented Umahi with a special plaque at the state Executive Council Chambers, Government House in Abakalik.  According to Ntomchukwu,“ The  Inspector-General, Ibrahim  Idris,  has asked me to tell you that you are the most police-friendly governor in Nigeria based on your donation of communication equipment  to the command, renovation of the perimeter fencing and security post of the command headquarters, provision of streetlight  and construction of houses for policemen of rank and file and also a storey building
Special recognition by the British High Commissioner:
The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright commended Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State for developing infrastructure in the state barely two years of his administration. According to Mr. Arkwright, made stated that he has travelled on smooth roads into  and within  the state, describing the roads in Ebonyi  as the best in the South-East;  “Ebonyi roads are the best in the South-East,”  His words,” We are here to look into the opportunity in agriculture, rice production and infrastructure.
“As a young state, Ebonyi is quite optimistic to the future and the United Kingdom will be a partner to realising the future. “The United Kingdom is aware of the challenges of development in Africa and Nigeria in particular”.
The Governor responding to the Envoy stated, “The British Government should move on to help Africa.  Nigeria is the largest country in Africa. When you brought to us religion, we accepted it but you didn’t bring your technology.   I think there is the need to develop your technology in Nigeria. “I want to take that opportunity as you said and we want to partner you in the area of agriculture. We have a lot of mineral deposits like zinc, salt, lead and others. In fact, we are sitting on money.
H. Umahi as the wisest Governor in Nigeria:
According to the Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, “Gov Umahi’s style of leadership is truly unique and has the imprint of wisdom all over it and stands as the wisest Governor in Nigeria today
Special recognition by the USA Ambassador:
It is proud to note the statement credited to the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stuart Symington that, “Your rice is the best anywhere in the world and we commend the Governor for putting his government to work in Ebonyi State.”
Special recognition by the South East Governors’ Forum:
The Forum recognized the special leadership of Engr. Dave. Nweze Umahi and approved him to head the Forum and for the first time the South East Governors’ Forum under the purposeful and visionary leadership of Governor Dave Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State has a vision and drive for zonal socio-economic and security integration of the region and have mapped out strategies especially in energy sector for greater economic activities in Igboland. To me the appointment of Governor Umahi is a recognition of the sagacity, prowess of Umahi and acceptable of Ebonyi State into the mainstream of the politics of South East/
As much as it is impossible to in one article enumerate all the feats of this great leader from Ebonyi State, let me conclude by stating that if we are to judge Engr. Dave Nweze Umahi based on the realities of his feats in the governance of Ebonyi State, I can comfortably state that Ebonyians will continue to give him their full support and will cap it by overwhelmingly re-electing him in 2019 to enable him continue his good work,”
I therefore congratulate Governor Umahi my leader and my uncle for showing that Ebonyi State can be number one State in Nigeria and for all these great feats and positive testimonies by distinguished non-Ebonyians and redefining governance in Ebonyi State, I must state that I am proud to be called ADA EBONYI and one of those considered worthy to be among the UMAHI’s great team.
…Chidinma Eze is Technical Assistant (TA) on Media to Governor Dave Nweze Umahi






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