UNILORIN don seeks use of ICT to tackle cross-border challenges

Stephen Olufemi Oni, Ilorin

The Federal Government has been urged to adopt the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to address cross-boarder challenges and ensure sustainable development in the country.

Prof. Omenogo Mejabi of the Department of Information Technology, University of Ilorin made the call while delivering the 258th Inaugural lecture of the Institution.

According to her, multilateral partnership can facilitate knowledge sharing, capacity building and technology transfer among nations to ensure better economic prosperity.

Prof. Mejabi charged government and organisations to prioritise investment in digital infrastructure including broadband networks and cyber security measures to ensure widespread access to reliable and secured ICT services.

She called for the implementation of initiatives aimed at promoting digital literacy at all levels of education to empower individuals with the skills needed to utilise ICT tools and platforms.

The ICT expert urged policy makers to enforce ethical guidelines and regulations to govern the responsible development, deployment and use of ICT technologies.

She advised that communities be involved in the design and implementation of ICT initiative to foster sense of ownership and ensure responsive solutions to local needs and priorities.

Prof. Mejabi appealed to organisations to adopt sustainable ICT practices to minimise environmental impact and promote resource efficiency.


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