Text of Press briefing by Dr. Icheikura Moses Bem Ugoh, a public intellectual of TIv Extraction at Difudi Eatery and Lounge, Railway Bye Pass, High Level, Makurdi, Benue State.

Gentlemen of the press,

  1. You may recall recent altercations between myself and one Isah Ahmed of Berekete family Human Rights Radio, Abuja, following his reckless demonic and defamatory profiling of the entire Tiv race, while purportedly mediating over a xenophobic attack on the Aku family of Akaahar Adi Community, a suburb of the GRA Gboko. This dastardly act gained public condemnation from several quarters as a gross violation of fundamental human rights as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution.
  2. Indeed, such nefarious acts are dehumanising, barbaric, criminal and abominable to every citizen anywhere, anytime regardless of the personality, status or classification of victims.
  3. Let me reiterate my earlier condemnation of this particular vicious incident that has brought us to negative limelight on account of delayed prosecutorial action by relevant law enforcement agencies.This is totally not in our character as a people with a history of peaceful co existence and accommodation in pure cosmopolitan settlements hosting people from diverse backgrounds.
  4. This explains my prompt reaction to Isah Ahmed’s slanderous villification of the TIv race with a definite demand for retraction and public apology. This was after a fruitless due diligence to ascertain the link between his arbitration role and invective innuendos and bellicose vituperations against innocent Tiv people worldwide
  5. Consequently, I handed down a seven days Ultimatum for compliance, failure of which will determine my next line of action. Many doubted our resolve to pursue this matter to its logical conclusion on such a very sensitive and contentious matter that morally affects more of our future generations.
  6. Gentlemen of the press, let me publicly acknowledge and accept the public apology of Mr. Isah Ahmed, which he personally delivered on the same medium and programme on Monday, 20, May 2024, shortly before the expiration of the ultimatum, apparently to forestall my anticipated action.
  7. In accepting his dramatic and discourteous apology that referenced me as an insignificant man, I want to further acquaint him of my particulars as an incurable patriot and conscious Nationalist of TIv Extraction on earth planet.
  8. Furthermore, the apology he tendered was not personal to me but suffice to say that his virile posturing and offensive labelling of the TIv heritage was a monumental disaster to the psyche of all TIv people, thus causing irreparable reputational, spiritual and psychological damages to the entire Tiv race.
  9. Interestingly, this disastrous episode has provoked spontaneous responses to the intriguing TIv predicament in contemporary Nigeria, especially within the boundaries of their ancestral habitation.
  10. Therefore, beyond the acceptance of a dramatised cosmetic apology from an ordinary president at the instance of an insignificant man, let me sound our collective resolve as a people to further pursue justice on the contentious issues that were contained in the infamous anti TIv broadcast that erroneously questioned the indigenous status of the TIv people in both Taraba and Nassarawa States.
  11. There is currently a critical evaluation that is on going by major TIv Stakeholders for a more consolidated response and necessary action at the appropriate time.
  1. In conclusion, permit me to use this opportunity to appreciate the overwhelming solidarity support for this noble cause for a reawakening to define who the Tivs are in contemporary and emerging Nigeria.
  2. Thank you, Gentlemen of the press for your attention.


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