Webinar to Address Child Labour Crisis Set for June 12

In recognition of the 2024 World Day Against Child Labour, a collaborative webinar hosted by Child Protection Network (CPN) Nigeria, the Network of Civil Society Organizations Against Child Trafficking, Abuse and Labour (NACTAL) Nigeria, and the African Network of NGOs and Networks (AONN) is scheduled for June 12, 2024. Themed “LET’S ACT ON OUR COMMITMENT: END CHILD LABOUR,” the event aims to spotlight and tackle the persistent issue of child labour in Nigeria and across the continent.

The webinar, set to commence at 10:00 AM (Africa/Lagos time), will bring together stakeholders, activists, and experts from various sectors to discuss strategies and commitments towards eradicating child labour. Participants can join the virtual session through the Zoom platform using the meeting ID 852 0052 9583 and passcode cpnnactal. This digital event underscores the ongoing efforts and the urgency to reinforce actions against child exploitation.

Speakers at the webinar will include representatives from government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international bodies, all united in their mission to protect children’s rights and promote their welfare. These discussions will focus on implementing robust policies, enhancing educational opportunities, and providing sustainable solutions to prevent child labour.

The event is part of a global movement aligned with the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) objectives to end child labour by 2025. It also aims to raise awareness among the general public and urge policymakers to intensify their efforts in creating a safer environment for children.

Hashtags such as #WDACL, #nactal, #childprotectionnetwork, #aonn, and #endchildlabour will be used to amplify the conversation on social media, ensuring broader participation and engagement from the global community. The organizers encourage everyone to join the discussion and contribute to the collective effort to eliminate child labour.


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