Widow of Murdered Ekiti Monarch Reveals Last Moments Before Tragic Incident

By Milcah Tanimu

The widow of the late Oba Ogunsakin, the Onimojo of Imojo-Ekiti in Ekiti State, has shared the harrowing details of the moments leading up to her husband’s tragic death. Oba Ogunsakin and another traditional ruler, Oba Olatunde Samuel Olusola, were fatally shot in a heinous attack, while two others managed to escape.

In an interview with AIT, Yetunde Ogunsakin recounted that her husband had called her, expressing hunger and requesting her to prepare a meal before he arrived at the palace. She had expected him to arrive within an hour, considering the distance from Ajowa to their residence. However, as time passed, her worry escalated when repeated calls to the traditional ruler went unanswered.

“He called me when he reached Ajowa that he was coming, that he was hungry, and I should prepare something for him. Ajowa to this place, I was not checking time, that it is not supposed to take more than one hour. Getting to one hour, one hour plus, I was calling his phone. He did not pick,” she explained.

The widow’s account unveils the personal and emotional impact of the tragedy on the family, shedding light on the unexpected and distressing circumstances surrounding the murder of the Ekiti monarch. The incident emphasizes the vulnerability of traditional rulers and the urgent need for improved security measures to protect these revered figures in society.


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