“You can’t hold Defection Ceremony in Eggon Land- youth Dare Ewuga



Tensions have escalated in Nasarawa state following Senator Solomon Ewuga’s decision to join the All Progressives Congress (APC). The move has been met with strong opposition from the Eggon youths, who have vehemently warned the Senator against organizing any defection rally within Eggon Land.

Expressing their disdain for Senator Ewuga’s defection, a cross-section of Eggon youths labelled it as a “greatest a gross act of “fatricidal” betrayal.” They cautioned the senator against implementing his plan stating that any attempt to hold such a rally in tge town could attract unpleasant consequences of staunch resistance.

“Senator Ewuga’s defection is viewed as a betrayal of trust and an affront to the interests of Eggon Land and the majority of the people of Nasarawa State. “We will not allow him to stage a defection party here,” stated a member of the Eggon youth group named Anda Abednego Akpomoshi.

They further stressed that the senator’s remarks citing the “avoidance of hunger” as reason for his defection have further fueled resentment among the Eggon youth who have over the years stood by him. Many have condemned his actions, attributing them to jealousy and an attempt to thwart the prospects of his fellow kinsman, especially after Senator Ewuga’s several failed attempts in the past, to defend their victory.

Shedding light on the financial inducement that influenced the defection, a member of the APC who craved anonymity because of party said that it is common knowledge which can be confirmed with little investigations via various sources close to Ewuga would reveal the facts that Ewuga allegedly collected fifty million Naira for expressing his desire to join the APC.

Additionally, a source said to close to Ewuga further alleged that the sum of twenty million Naira was purportedly received by Ewuga to organize a defection ceremony. Intriguingly, during the visits to Lafia Government House to collect these funds, which variously channelled through the SSG and Deputy Governor, the source added, Senator Ewuga reportedly used a vehicle donated to him by Dr. David Ombugadu of the PDP when the senator said he had resigned from politics and opted to be a statesman and was considering vying for the traditional stool of Aren Eggon.

Reacting to the senator’s departure, the PDP dismissed Senator Ewuga’s move as inconsequential, referring to it as a “lone walk” to the APC waiting to be received by paid agents and hired crowd.

“Ewuga’s defection signifies a loss of relevance and credibility in Nasarawa politics. He did not contribute to our campaign efforts, even after receiving substantial funds from our governorship candidate. His departure to the APC is a relief now that he has decided to take a side after the elections,” remarked the zonal secretary of the PDP from Nasarawa North.

The unfolding tensions between Senator Ewuga and the Eggon youth, coupled with the financial intricacies surrounding his defection, reflect a fractious political landscape in Nasarawa state, hinting at potential repercussions for the senator’s political future.

Information breaking out Just before filing this report, according to an anonymous source indicate that the Ewuga defection ceremony is now shifted to the Ality Akwe City Hall, Lafia venue that will host visiting APC national Chairman, one of the hired hands to fight for the illegal capture of state power on behalf of Abdullahi Sule.


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