Youths Urged To Emulate Sanwo-Olu’s Leadership Strides



Accolades have continued to flow in the direction of the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu over his administration’s achievements, as well, there have been calls for Nigerian youths to understudy Sanwo-Olu’s leadership capacity and development strides.

The call was made during an inaugural conference of a prominent youth group known as ‘Youth Bureau’, held virtually at the weekend.

Speaking during the auspicious event, Youth Bureau’s Advisory Chairman, Razaq Olokoba praised Governor Sanwo-Olu for his impressive achievements, especially in the educational sector, and initiatives in health, transport, and infrastructure after 5 years in office.

Olokoba maintained that given the gravity of work done by the Lagos state government in the last 5 years and leadership examples set by Governor Sanwo-Olu is a good omen for the society that must be emulated and copied by young people in the country for sustainability and replication of governance.

He emphasized that Nigerian youths must be enthusiastic in learning from a leader like Governor Sanwo-Olu while calling for a deliberate mentoring of youths especially in building their leadership capacity and national development.

His words: “Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for leading the infrastructural revolution in Lagos State which has manifested in the economic development and growth in the last 5 years is unassailable.

“In the educational sector, he has done creditably well. the governor has given priority to the educational sector. Sanwo-Olu is one of the governors who has shown remarkable commitment to the development of education in Nigeria’s business capital.

“If you take a close look at ongoing and completed developmental projects; payment of bursary and scholarship in Lagos state regularly you will agree with me that Lagos is on the right track with Governor Sanwo-Olu in the driver’s seat”.
On the call for mentoring of youths to assimilate leadership qualities Governor Sanwo-Olu, had this to say: “

”What we are lacking today is mentorship, we should try as much as possible to impact knowledge to those behind us, especially those that require some tutelage and technical know-how.

“I have always said the lack or failure of leaders to mentor the young ones is the bane of society. That is why we introduced the qualities of leadership possessed by Governor Sanwo-Olu such that must be tapped by young people who will naturally replace present-day leaders in leadership soon.

“So the leadership tasks ahead are massive, therefore youths must be ready for governance and for the general good of our country.

“We need to invest our time and efforts in Nigerian youths who are passionate about making an impact in their communities and whose contributions will paint a different picture of the country.

“I also urge President Bola Tinubu and state governors to align with the broader vision of nurturing untapped talents among Nigerian youths irrespective of region, gender, age, background, or literacy level,” He stressed.


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