YouTube Music and Premium Services Surpass 100 Million Subscribers Worldwide



YouTube announced on Monday that its YouTube Music and Premium services have collectively exceeded 100 million subscribers globally, inclusive of those currently on trial. This milestone underlines the sustained popularity of the platform and its commitment to offering a comprehensive entertainment experience to a diverse global audience, with a particular emphasis on the vibrant user base in Nigeria.

Adam Smith, Vice President of Product Management at YouTube, commented on the achievement, stating, “In 2015, we launched a new subscription service, YouTube Music, alongside a brand new app. This was in response to a clear demand for a YouTube experience that offered more to our users and the creator and artist community.”

Smith further detailed recent enhancements aimed at improving the Premium playback experience, including seamless viewing across various devices, the introduction of an enhanced 1080p HD version, and the trial of new generative AI features exclusive to Premium users. For music enthusiasts, YouTube has introduced the Samples tab for quick music discovery, a customizable radio experience, and the addition of podcasts to YouTube Music.

The success of the platform, according to Smith, is attributed to exceptional content from creators and artists. YouTube Premium not only supports a thriving creator and artist community but also provides them with an additional revenue stream through subscriptions.

Addy Awofisayo, Head of Music for Africa at YouTube, emphasized the platform’s significant impact in Nigeria, noting its role in offering global exposure and revenue opportunities to local music and content creators. Awofisayo celebrated the milestone as a recognition of both global success and the unique contributions of Nigerian creators and artists to the diverse YouTube community.


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