2027: No Vacancy , APC Chieftain Tackles Ganduje- You Are Your Own

……Our Votes For Tinubu has turned a Curse to the North….. Gololo
A group of Northern politicians from the North East led by Dr. Haruna Garus Gololo, on Monday in Abuja, has described the declaration by Abdullahi Ganduje, the All progressive Congress( APC), to opposition that there is no vacancy in 2027 as self serving and does not represent the generality position of the party.
The All progressive Congress,( APC), national Chairman had at the National secretariat of the All Progressive Congress, in Abuja, said that” there is no vacancy in 2027 , that president Ahmed Bola Tinubu, will serve out his eight years terms in office”
The APC national Chairman made the assertion while addressing supporters and support groups in Abuja saying that The administration of president Tinubu had been contending with accumulation of many years of neglect, policy summersault and other disjointed decisions by previous administration.

Reacting to the declaration groups of Northern politicians and All progressive Congress supporters led by Gololo, at a press briefing said that ” it is almost one year since Tinubu came in, but there is nothing to show because all the Ministers he appointed have no capacity to deliver except Wike the FCT minister and the Minister of health”
” Ganduje who could not declare a no vacancy in Kano, where he was pushed out of Government House is the person declaring a no vacancy in Presidency in 2027″

” Ganduje with the allegations of corruption hanging on his neck, facing trials in Kano with his wife and son ought to hide his face”

The group also blamed the pattern of appointment by Tinubu as been responsible for the down in the economy
” It is a one man show, even the Vice president, kashim Shetimma has not been allowed to perform because Tinubu would rather leave governance for his wife and Gbajabiamilah while he sends Kashim to event to represent him. All the parastals and agencies under the office of the Vice president have been moved to the Presidency, every agency like FIRS, CBN have been taking. It is joint ticket, some people voted for Tinubu because of Kashim, while some voted for Kashim because of Tinubu, I voted for Tinubu because of Kashim, but he is not allowed to function. He has not been able to give anybody appointment “
” Look at the Calabar Coaster contract from Lagos worth 2.8 trillion, when the Abuja Kaduna road project has been abandoned. Our votes for Tinubu has become a curse to the entire North”
” As far as I am concerned he has nothing to campaign with in 2027. That day we will be on the ground, at my age , with my training as a retired military officer, I fear no arrest or death. We are Citizens of Nigeria “
While commending Gabriel suswan , the former governor of Venue state for what the group described as fair assessments of the Tinubu’ administration, the leader of the group, Gololo said that” the fact as Suswan put it is the fact that Tinubu ‘s ministers have no capacity to deliver, except Wike and the Minister of Health “
” Let any of the ministers come out and show any projects they have commission and completed”
” We must come out and tell the truth, we cannot be intimidated .
If you listen to president Tinubu ‘ s speech in Riyadh, he said the removal of subsidy is the gate way for Nigeria, gate way to where? Gate way to poverty and suffering? Where is the gain of the subsidy removal, where is the petroleum products “
” There is no fuel any where except Lagos and porthacourt, what is our crime in the North?
Speaking on the investigative hearing by the senate on the hike in electricity tariff , the group said that ” The minister, Adelabu has failed, how can you impose tariff on Nigeria for the darkness the have been in for years. That is Tinubu minister, tomorrow you will hear they are going for governorship. They are there for their pockets”


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