Abdulganiyu: Driving change at FFS,despite daunting challenges…

From the plethora of achievements of his predecessors and a strong will to consolidate on the various development programmes on ground; to enhance advocacy on fire-fighting equipment for building across the country; implementation of the fire policy and safety measures; boost high morale of staff and espirit-de-corps, the story cannot be the same at the Federal Fire Service (FFS) under its present boss, Engr Abdulganiyu Jaji.

Other areas, also impacted by the FFSs’ thriving management drive include the seamless public-private-partnership (PPP) with contractors on best practices, robust inter-agency collaboration with sister agencies for improved security, thereby creating a viable and virile institution that is sustainable, accountable and high morale of men and officers.

This is judging from the fact that the present management of the Federal Fire Service (FFS), under the leadership of Engr. Abdulganiyu Jaji, has done so much in its short stay in office by consolidating on the premium achievements for the overall betterment of the organization; transforming, rebranding and repositioning the Service to meet with best global standards, as well as maintaining high performance measurement, efficiency, accountability, transparency and good governance structure in all its operations nationwide.

In a press release issued in Lagos by the National Coordinator of Workers Rights Protection (WORP) Network, Comr. Adio Wahab Salami and Secretary, Comr. Benjamin Olusi respectively, the duo said the present management has improved service performance measurement, enhanced staff welfare, increased espirit-de-corps, maintained prompt payment of emoluments, allowances and salaries, and morale of staff, including carrying out strategic direction for the FFS like never before seen. These achievements, they note, have drawn applause from far and near.

The statement emphasized that the present management has upgraded the Fire Academy and all institutions of the Fire Service to boost the capacity and manpower development of the ranks and files. According to them, the management has intermittently approved seminars and courses for officers outside the shores of the country. However, it also gave kudos to the purchase of fire equipment and trucks recently to mitigate the issue of disaster and fire management within the country, though with the new administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Service is very optimistic that the issue of shortages of equipment and fire-fighting trucks will be a thing of the past.

Consequently, WORP endorses and encourages the partnership and collaboration with sister agencies such as the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and others; the private sector initiatives and the citizenry which have paid off as Nigerians have been sensitized on the issues of disaster management and fire policies of buildings and what to do when fire occurs. This, WORP acknowledges, is clearly a win-win situation for all stakeholders, due to citizens’ engagement and the dynamism of the present leadership and sound management practice in carrying everyone along, which, they also observed, is indeed novel and has really endeared Nigerians to the FFS, due to the transparent ethical mechanism put in place and entrenched by the leadership of Abdulganiyu.

Accordingly, it has been observed that the present management under Jaji had turned around the fortunes and repositioned the state of infrastructure development, maintenance of equipment and also put due process mechanism in place to check the arbitrary abuse of the standards. It has also maintained checks and balances in every aspect of its operations for optimum productivity and efficiency at the workplace, which has made the paramilitary organization adjudged as the ‘Best Place to Work’ in terms of enhanced human capacity, conducive environment, friendly staff with high morale and change management like never seen before.

WORP said it is proud to acknowledge that the management had done creditably well and Nigerians are impressed about the milestones and giant strides in shifting the goal post and paradigm shift to a new way of doing things for the overall betterment of the Service, including the avowed stance on transparency, corruption and, above all, the present Comptroller-General’s blueprint on the “Federal Fire Service of Our Dreams,” as encapsulated in his vision and mission statement since assuming the mantle of leadership in April 2022.

Nevertheless, Workers Rights Protection (WORP) Network says also worthy of mention is the concept of inaugurating fire stations within markets across the country, while the Investigation, Inspectorate and Enforcement (IIE) Division is presently inspecting most of these markets to ensure fire safety compliance in public buildings across the country so as to carry out the PPP.

However, as observed by WORP, the present management is also urging market leaders to enlighten business owners through signs, announcements and advertorials the importance of switching off electric appliances before close of business as well as has advised traders to always be at alert always.

WORP has reiterated that it is encouraged by Jaji’s leadership style, open door policy, discipline and most importantly his remarkable fight against indiscipline amongst staff and his patriotic disposition against fire incidents, assessment and general disaster management. That, in spite of the paucity of funds allocated to the Service, WORP is soliciting and canvassing for improved budgetary allocation as it has seen that the present management is doing all it can to reposition the Service to meet with international standards.

Therefore, WORP has affirmed its confidence on the leadership style and management on the day-to-day decisions in repositioning and rebranding the Federal Fire Service (FFS) for better service delivery and urges all relevant stakeholders to support the on-going proactive drive at FFS and the anti-corruption stance of Engr. Abdulganiyu Jaji.


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