Adamawa Debacle: A PC Chieftain Slams Ribadu, uba Arewa, Adamu Adamu ***Absolves Shetima

Adamawa Debacle: A PC Chieftain Slams Ribadu, uba Arewa, Adamu Adamu
***Absolves Shetima

By Abdulateef Bamgbose

Dr. Garus Gololo, has called on the All Progressive Congress (APC), to investigate the role of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, the former Economic and Financial Crimes, EFCC boss and his Campaign organization for their alleged role in the governorship debacle in Adamawa state.

The All Progressive Congress (APC), Chieftain who dub as the Coordinator of the North -East campaign group for Tinubu , Shetima presidential campaign, made the call at a press conference while reacting to the allegations by one Abu Dan Arewa , a political associate of the former anti- corruption czar, Nuhu Ribadu, that the Vice president elect Senator Shetima Kashim should be blame for the controversy surrounding the just concluded by election in Adamawa state.
” Uba Dan Arewa and his cohorts are just being mischievous, how can you accuse the vice President- elect for an election conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC), because he was in the state like any other loyal party supporters?)”
In a statement credited to Dan Arewa, a political ally of Nuhu Ribadu, Aishat Binani, the All Progressive Congress governorship Candidate lost the election due to the interference by the Vice president elect and Sadiya Abubakar, the minister of Humanitarian Affairs on one hand the claim by Binani that she could win the election without their supports.

Gololo, berated Uba Dan Arewa for the allege statement saying ” This nothing but anti- party, how could you work against your party after losing the primary, yet you could come out to tell the world that you were behind the loss? The party should do the needful by investigating Dan Arewa, Nuhu Ribadu and take appropriate measure to serve as deterrent to others. We had similar experience in Bauchi where the Minister of education Adamu Adamu worked against the party, but today they were all over the Air port to welcome the president elect, Ahmed Tinubu because they want another appointments”
” How could they accuse Saddiya Faruk Umar of interfering in an election in Adamawa, while in Bauchi where the husband contested she was anonymous throughout the campaign?”
The A PC Chieftain called on the president elect to avoid the pitfall of the past where those that worked against the party were given appointment by the outgoing government.
” Buhari has tried his best but I want to appeal to the president elect Ahmed Tinubu to concentrate on building on the legacy while appointing seasoned politicians who have what it takes to restore the Nation to the part of growth security wise, economic wise” he said

Gololo, said that Tinubu as a president would prove bookmakers wrong because he has what it takes and know what to do ” Rather than praying for our leaders we are always pointing at their State of health, but I can assure you Tinubu is as fit as a fiddle and he is going to prove bookmakers and prophets of doom wrong”


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