“African Giant: Rapper Dandizzy Voices Concerns About Nigeria’s Infrastructure Lag After Visiting Kenya and Uganda”

By  Milcah  Tanimu

Rapper Dandizzy recently shared his observations after visiting Kenya and Uganda, revealing a stark reality about Nigeria’s development. Contrary to the “African Giant” title often associated with Nigeria, Dandizzy believes the country is 50 years behind in terms of infrastructure. He emphasized that Nigeria’s global influence is primarily fueled by its exports of music and football.

The discussion was sparked by journalist David Hundeyin’s assertion that Kenya surpasses any West African nation in development. Responding to a Twitter inquiry comparing the development of Abidjan and Nairobi, Hundeyin emphasized Kenya’s superiority, pointing out its wealthier and more proportionate middle class.

Dandizzy echoed these sentiments, stating that Nigeria, despite having more wealthy individuals on paper, falls short in reality. He predicted that by 2024, Nigeria would struggle to provide basic amenities and a reliable power supply, highlighting Uganda’s already established capabilities in these areas.

In his tweet, Dandizzy urged Nigeria to address its deficiencies, suggesting that the “African Giant” title should go beyond rhetoric. The Twitter exchange sheds light on the disparities in development across African nations and raises crucial questions about Nigeria’s progress in comparison.


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