Nollywood Star Kunle Remi Seals Union with Boluwatiwi in Lagos Traditional Ceremony

Renowned Nigerian actor, Kunle Remi, has officially entered into matrimony with his partner, Boluwatiwi, in a traditional ceremony held in Lagos.

The joyous event unfolded in Lagos State on a Friday, where the couple exchanged vows in accordance with cultural traditions. Prior to the ceremony, Remi shared a pre-wedding image on his Instagram, depicting him kneeling before Boluwatiwi with a goat draped around his neck.

In a caption accompanying the photo, he humorously wrote, “Tiwi, I come to you humbly as a G.O.A.T with a goat. Are you ready to dance, Ayamii?”

The internet has since been graced with photos and videos capturing moments from the ceremony. Notable attendees included fellow actors and actresses, as well as Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola, who is a brother of the bride’s mother, alongside other esteemed dignitaries.


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