Agriculture: Key to Addressing Unemployment, Insecurity, and Underdevelopment

By Milcah Tanimu

Mr. Mufutau Abolarinwa, the National President of the Cocoa Association of Nigeria (CAN), emphasized the critical role of agriculture in combating the challenges of unemployment, insecurity, and underdevelopment facing the nation. Speaking in Ilorin, Kwara State during the 13th Annual General Meeting of the association, Abolarinwa highlighted the pivotal importance of agriculture amidst Nigeria’s economic landscape.

He lamented the adverse effects of over-reliance on oil, noting that despite monumental infrastructure, the oil boom has not brought enduring peace to Nigeria. He stressed that agriculture, akin to the heart of the nation, holds the key to sustainable development and the alleviation of social vices.

Abolarinwa called upon all levels of government, particularly the federal government, to intensify efforts in supporting agriculture by providing essential agricultural inputs and cocoa seedlings to farmers. He emphasized the need for robust policies and investments that would revitalize cocoa production and enhance agricultural productivity across the country.

“Investing in agriculture is not just about economic growth but also about fostering stability and prosperity,” Abolarinwa concluded, urging a concerted national effort towards agricultural revitalization as a pathway to socio-economic transformation and national development.


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