ALGON Crisis: IMC fumes, issues Vote of No Confidence on Ategbero led BOT

As crisis besieging the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria ALGON deepens, the Interim Management Committee led by Hon. Abdullahi Maje has blasted the Board of Trustee led by Hon. Odunayo Ategbero for being bias.

The IMC also issuing a vote of no confidence on the BOT, stated that contrary to being guardians of the association, with core mandate of protecting and maintaining the values and purposes of the association, they have rather taken sides with Alabi led faction, thereby fueling the existing crisis in the association.

Reacting to the recent online publications against its leadership by the BOT and Kolade Alabi led faction in a publication signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Hon. Jide Ashonibaire, the IMC revealed that the Hon. Ategbero led board of trustees has continued to thread the path of sabotage, and negative selfish interest in the whole battle for supremacy.

The IMC calling for the resignation of Hon. Ategbero led members, says it is rather too astonished that the BOT is supporting the leadership of a man who deceitfully gained the position of the national preesident. It further disclosed that the BOT has shown through their actions total disregard for the constitution that guides the association.

It said: “Again, we are utterly amazed at the recent negative actions of the BOT of the association who are supposed to be guardians of the constitution that binds us together as an association. The BOT led by Hon. Odunayo Ategbero, has continued to show selfishness and plans to enrich themselves through their nonchalance in creating a solution that would or could end the crisis besieging the association.
“When a BOT who is supposed to protect, continues to destroy and fuel crisis by being bias, greedy and meddling in media propaganda against a faction, it goes to show that it has taken sides and now has an interest which is to enrich their pockets. We are fully aware that people enjoy crisis and wouldnt want an end to it even when presented with an opportunity because they enjoy leveraging on the vulnerability of those involved to better their lives. The above assertion is the case of the Hon. Ategbero led BOT of ALGON.

“We wish to by this media address, state that the recent online public disclaimer signed by the BOT against the IMC is false, very unsubstantiated and does not bear water. The IMC was never dissolved by any court of competent jurisdiction, it was infact set up by the General Assembly to salvage the association which has been hijacked by a man who isn’t a Local Government Chairman, but rather a Local Council Development Area chairman, bariga precisely.
“They said Maje is not a chairman of Niger State, permit me to reiterate that the assertion is a total lie because Hon. Abdullahi Maje Shuaibu is a bonafide Local Government Chairman of Niger state, Suleja Lga against the purported council chairman. Alabi led faction and the BOT are group of persons who thrives on propaganda, they use it to sway the interest of the unsuspecting general public from seeking answers to more relevant criminal offences they have continued to perpetrate in the association,one being the 5.2 billion naira funds diverted by Hon. Kolade David Alabi, Mrs Binta and perhaps the BOT who by their actions have shown that they may be aware of the criminality.

“As a collective body, the trustees hold the authority and responsibility to ensure the fulfillment of an association’s mission; but by the actions of Hon. Ategbero they have further drifted the association far from achieving its mission. Again let it be known that the court never dissolved the IMC, rather it seeked for refilling of the suit seeking nullification of Alabi‚Äôs leadership, as the earlier suit which was dated 21st March was overdue as a result of court going on recess.

” They have continued to mislead the public with false publications, let it be known however that the IMC is fully ready to counter every negative story and bring to limelight the truth, Alabi stole 5.2 billion naira from the association, he is imposing leadership on Chairmen, in turn chairmen are crying out for help because its is never heard of that a LCDA chairman who by rank is beneath them is rather ruling the association, thereby also ruling them.

“For clarification, the Interim Management Committee of ALGON as a responsible and responsive committee, wishes the federal government, general public, the anti-graft agencies to please note that:
1. the IMC led by Hon. Abdullahi Maje still stands and was never nullified nor dissolved.
2. Yes we have Inaugurated an electoral committee to conduct elections for credible leadership for the association as instructed by the General Assembly. (Our action is transparent and very much in the news)
3. Alabi led faction and the BOT is bent on misrepresenting court judgement to massage their ego and divert public attention from their criminal activities in the association.
4. Alabi is a Local Council Development Area chairman from Bariga in Lagos State not a Local Government Chairman.
5. BOT led by Hon. Ategbero has been bought over by Alabi and Co. hence a vote of no confidence is therefore passed on them, infact we are calling for their resignation.
6. Alabi, Binta and cohorts diverted 5.2 billion naira funds meant for the association.
7. Finally to put lies to the claims by the criminal minded, disgruntled BOT
Chairman who in his press release stated that Abudulahi Shaibu Maje is not a NEC member or Algon representative from Niger state, we shall be presenting documents to debunk and further expose the incompetence of the self acclaimed bot” It added.

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