Atiku’s Bid to Challenge Tinubu in 2027 Called “Wishful Thinking” by Support Group

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has been cautioned against his reported plans to challenge President Bola Tinubu in the 2027 presidential election, with a support group for Tinubu asserting that such aspirations are unrealistic.

In a statement issued in Abuja by the National Coordinator of the Disciples of Jagaban (DOJ), Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje, Atiku’s recent meetings with former Presidents Ibrahim Babangida and Muhammadu Buhari have been interpreted as signs of desperation.

Alawuje remarked, “Atiku Abubakar must understand unequivocally that 2027 is non-negotiable for President Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu. Tinubu’s return is assured, and major opposition figures are well aware of this fact.”

The DOJ accused Atiku of pursuing a “vein pursuit of the surreal” and engaging in “manipulative tendencies” to gain power, which, according to the group, will ultimately lead to disappointment.

Alawuje urged Nigerians not to invest their resources or time in Atiku’s political ambitions, suggesting that sympathy should be extended to him as he faces increasing political frustration.

He emphasized, “Atiku’s desperation to rule Nigeria is leading him towards creating ethnic crises, as evidenced by his recent activities. His behavior suggests a readiness to instigate anarchy to achieve his ambition.”

The DOJ concluded by recalling Atiku’s statements before the 2023 general election, criticizing his remarks about Northern and Southern political dynamics, and suggesting that Atiku should gracefully exit the political scene.

“In essence, the former Vice President needs to come to terms with the reality that he cannot govern this nation,” Alawuje concluded.


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