Bauchi Governor Signs Three Executive Orders to Tackle Trade Practices and Deforestation

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has signed three executive orders aimed at addressing various issues, including unfair trade practices and illegal deforestation. The first executive order focuses on community and environmental protection, public safety, and the prohibition of deforestation in the state.

During the signing ceremony, Governor Mohammed emphasized the need to combat illegal tree felling, which poses threats to security and biodiversity in the region. He stressed the importance of enforcing the order to prevent further environmental degradation and ensure accountability among forestry officers and local authorities.

Another executive order mandates the adoption of a unified system of weights and measures across the state to protect consumers from deceptive practices by traders. Governor Mohammed highlighted the need for standardized measures to prevent exploitation of consumers in the state’s markets.

Furthermore, the third executive order prohibits the construction of illegal structures along road corridors, green areas, and utility areas within the state. The governor underscored the security and environmental implications of such encroachments, pledging to provide alternative locations for affected traders.

Governor Mohammed reiterated his commitment to enforcing these executive orders, stating that violators would face prosecution. This proactive approach demonstrates the governor’s dedication to protecting consumers, preserving the environment, and enhancing public safety in Bauchi state.


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