Call for Sack of Service Chiefs Ridiculous, Misplaced -CSO

A Civil Society Organisation (CSO), Conference of Civil Society for Peace, Security and National Development has described as ridiculous and misplaced calls made by a certain northern group for the sack of the Chief of Defense Staff Lt. Gen Lucky Irabor and the Chief of Defense Intelligence (CDI) for what they said is a surge in terrorists and banditry attacks in the country.

In a press release jointly signed by Dr. Adamu Muhammad and Hon. Mike Msuaan, and, made available to journalists in Abuja today, the group decried the short-sightedness of those calling for the sack of Service Chiefs noting that such comments coming from a northern group can only be described as a joke.

“It is ridiculous for a northern group to have forgotten so soon that before the coming of President Buhari in 2015, large swathe of the country was in the hands of terrorists. These terrorists hosted flags and declared their independence before they were flushed out by the superior firepower of Nigeria’s military might. Saying there’s a surge in insurgency and terrorism smacks of ignorance and short-sightedness”, the statement noted.

The CSO noted that calls such as this can only be made by those who feel threatened by the successes recorded so far in the fight against insurgent and terrorists in the country alleging that those making such calls have a hand in the spate of violence ravaging the country and must be held accountable.

” unreasonable comments like this cannot be allowed to go unpunished. The federal government must as a matter of urgency trace these unscrupulous elements and bring them to justice. There is every indication that they are working with the terrorists and have been assigned to wage a media war against the federal government”, the group added.

The group wondered why somebody will prefer to reel out isolated incidences of insecurity in the country without commending the heroism of men and officers of the Nigerian armed forces and other security outfits who lay their lives daily in the service of the country. An act it described as uncharitable and mischievous.

“Enemies of the state must be made to stop amplifying people’s grief and turning sad national issues to their advantage. Persons making such comments are worst than all the challenges bedevilling the country combined and must be flushed out”, the statement added.

While commending the tireless efforts of the Service Chiefs and the Defence Intelligence Agency, the CSO noted that security is everybody’s business and those calling for the head of gallant officers and men of the armed forces should show cause why their utterances must be taken seriously at all.

“It is not enough to call for the sack of the Service Chiefs without doing anything as a patriotic Nigerian to help end insecurity. Instead of coming to the media to attack impeccable personalities, why not use the resources and time to sue for peace and work towards peace-building. Why side with the enemies and malign those who are earnestly working to make the country safe”, the groups queried.

The CSO maintained that, the successes of Nigeria’s security institutions in crushing IPOB, Boko Haram, ISWAP, Bandits and other local militias are vivid testimonies that the country has finally gotten it right in the appointment of Service Chiefs and heads of other security institutions in the country.

“Rome was not built in a day. For the first time the country has gotten it right and has placed very competent and professional gentlemen in charge of the nation’s security. Those who are discerning will observe that there’s a steady decline in all forms of terror and criminality in the country. This should be commended and more support given to the nations security empires”, the group added.

The statement further chided the group it described as faceless CSO for casting aspersions on the integrity of the military high command and insinuating that the efforts of the Security Chiefs are not commensurate with the budgetary allocations made to them noting that it was utterly laughable and must be disregarded by all discerning minds.

“The Nigerian military recently took delivery of Super Tucano fighter jets and has also acquired state of the art military hardwares needed for the execution of the war against terror. The facts are there for anybody to see and verify. It is not only treasonable felony but also criminal to make such utterances about sensitive national security issues”, recently Malam Buba Dan fulani who was a senior ISWAP Commander (Amir), saddled with indoctrinating Fulanis and herdsmen who joined ISWAP terrorists was eliminated “; the group added.

Threatening Mr. President with civil protests, if he does not need an empty and deceptive ploy, the CSO noted, is the height of it all. Allowing those miscreants to continue deceiving and distracting men of the Nigerian armed forces from the good job they are doing cannot be tolerated.

“Ambassador Khalifa Shuaibu should know that nobody is above the law. That his real intentions and motives have come to light. Using coercive tactics to get the Service Chiefs off the back of his terrorist sponsors so that they can continue their attacks without any hindrances is not going to work”, the statement concluded.

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