Chinese modernization offers new model of human advancement for world


By He Yin, People’s Daily

“Chinese path to modernization” is a keyword for the international community to understand China.

It was raised and expounded during the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and its rich connotation and significance for the world have been profoundly explained by Chinese President Xi Jinping on a series of bilateral and multilateral occasions.

Xi, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, stressed again the importance of correctly understanding and vigorously advancing Chinese modernization while addressing the opening of a recent study session at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee.

International personages called the Chinese path to modernization a major innovation in the development of human society, saying it has provided a brand-new model of modernization for the world and boosted the confidence of more countries in independently exploring their own paths to modernization.

Since the beginning of modern times, modernization has remained the historical trend of world development, and to achieve it is a common aspiration for every nation.

It is a huge achievement of the Chinese people made through countless hardships at an enormous cost under the leadership of the CPC, as well as a path that will turn China into a strong country and lead it to national rejuvenation.

Based on China’s decades of exploration and practice since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, especially since the launch of reform and opening up in 1978, as well as the new breakthroughs made in theory and practice since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC has succeeded in advancing and expanding Chinese modernization.

Chinese modernization is socialist modernization pursued under the leadership of the CPC, and the leadership of the CPC decides the nature of Chinese modernization.

The CPC has led the Chinese people in pioneering a uniquely Chinese path to modernization, which demonstrates the Party’s responsibility in leading the development of the times, its belief in remaining faithful to the people, and its vision of striving for the common good.

The modernization process of a country needs to follow the general rule of modernization, but it shall be suited to its realities and characterized by features unique to its context.

Chinese modernization is characterized by the common features of modernization in all countries and is also unique to the Chinese context.

It is the modernization of a huge population, of common prosperity for all, of material and cultural-ethical advancement, of harmony between humanity and nature, and of peaceful development. These five features, which were recorded in the report to the 20th CPC National Congress, profoundly reveal the connotation of Chinese modernization.

Chinese modernization has become more clear, science-based, and practical, showing a strong appeal in the global sphere.

China has completed a process of industrialization that took developed countries several centuries in the space of mere decades, bringing about the two miracles of rapid economic growth and enduring social stability. This has opened up broad prospects for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and explains why Chinese modernization is so appealing.

Especially since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC and the Chinese people have striven in unity to eradicate absolute poverty and finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, thus completing the First Centenary Goal. These were feats that will be forever recorded in the Chinese nation’s history, and feats that will profoundly influence the world.

What type of modernization a country follows is decided by its history, traditions, social system, development status, external environment, and other factors. Different national conditions lead to different paths to modernization.

Chinese modernization is deeply rooted in the fine traditional Chinese culture, mirrors the advantages of scientific socialism, draws inspiration from all of human civilization’s outstanding achievements, represents the direction of the progress of human civilization, and demonstrates a new vision that’s different from Western modernization. It is a new model for human advancement.

Chinese modernization dispels the myth that “modernization is equal to Westernization,” presents another picture of modernization, expands the channels for developing countries to achieve modernization, and provides a Chinese solution to aid the exploration of a better social system for humanity.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Chairman of the Kuhn Foundation, noted that Chinese modernization reflects the insight of China into achieving modernization through a new path and offers a new model of modernization for mankind, especially for developing countries.

China will strive to promote the overall progress of mankind through Chinese modernization and create new opportunities for the world through its further development, with a view to adding more stability and certainty to a volatile world, Xi said.

A China marching toward modernization will bring more opportunities to the world, inject stronger momentum for international cooperation, and make greater contributions to human progress!


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