Digital Census: Group rallies support of social media influencers

A group, Save Nigeria Movement has called on social media influencers to throw their weight behind the National Population Commission (NPC) to ensure that the forthcoming digital census, the first of its kind in the country, succeeds.

The group made the call during an interactive session with social media influencers on Thursday in Abuja, said there was need to deepen awareness creation to enable Nigerians know and understand the benefits of a digital census to the country’s development as date for commencement of the census was being awaited.

The CSO led by its Convener, Rev. Solomon Semaka said the interactive session was necessary to ensure that the misconceptions people had about census is dispelled with the introduction of digital system.

According to him, the NPC under the Chairmanship of Isa Kwarra was able to judiciously utilise the scarce resources available to conduct mock and trial census exercises across some selected Local Governments and States across the country, and had also trained millions of Nigerians to serve as ad-hoc staff in various capacities.

He said: “As social media influencers, you have a role to play as advocates. The history of census in Nigeria is full of suspicions, distrust, alleged inflation of figures and so on. However, a digital census with all its biometric features will clear all forms of suspicions and distrust as nobody will be counted twice and no imaginary entries will be made. It is important to let Nigerians know this through your influence and interactions.

“With the modalities in place, no tribe or State can manipulate their numbers at the expense of others. The exact population of Nigerians will be known including other very important statistics within a very short period of time. Participation in this exercise should therefore, be a priority since everybody will be counted as a civic duty.

“We have taken time to monitor developments at the National Population Commission especially as it relates to this all important event and we are impressed, both with the management and Mr. President. So much is going on behind the scenes together with development partners and relevant agencies.

“On this note, we therefore pass a vote of confidence on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the management team of NPC under Alhaji Isa Kwarra for their dedication and patriotic service to the fatherland.

“It is important to have it in mind that we are partners in the Nigerian project and a digital census is one sure way of providing the country with data that will be of benefit to all of us. Our nation cannot afford to continue planning based on assumptions especially now that we have a leader who is truly commitment to making a difference and restoring our lost glory. The era of second guessing our numbers and making policies that were dead on arrival is over. Let us all work together to make this happen. May Nigeria succeed!”


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