Edo PDP Blames Rise In Illegal Migration on Failed Governance

By Ikhili Monday Ebalu, Benin city
The rise in the number of Edo indigenes seeking financial succour in Libya has been attributed to the abysmal failure of the Godwin Obaseki led All Progressives Congress (APC) government.
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Edo state chapter chairman, Dan Orbih stated this in Benin City, while speaking with journalists.
Orbih said, 70 per cent of Nigerians returned to the country in the last two months are said to have come from Edo State, while the state government as set up a unit to look after the Libya returnees before they are reunited with their families.
Commenting on the increased urge by youths in the state to leave for pastures green, Edo State chairman of the PDP, Dan Orbih, said the state has “witnessed unprecedented hardship and financial emasculation within the last successive nine years of the APC government in the state.
He said that Edo State had never had it this bad; pointing out empty job promises and dejection by youths headlined the first year of the Obaseki’s administration.
Orbih said, “prior to Obaseki’s election, he promised the growing number of Edo State unemployed youths 200,000 jobs in four years but he has not even created 2,000 jobs in his first year and has failed woefully in engaging the youths in any meaningful employment.
“He has resorted to wasteful and unproductive talk shows such as the Alaghodaro summit and he has also embarked on needless and financially draining trips in an unending search for foreign investors.
“It is indeed a shame that a government that promised employment to our youths is now saddled with the task of dealing with the embarrassing menace of the end product of its own failure by trying to rehabilitate Libya returnees.
“To underscore the rise in numbers of Edo indigenes involved in this despicable Libya slave labour with its dehumanising and lamentable crisis, the governor has created an office with an SSA to handle the ugly development.
According to him, “available information is that many Edo State indigenes have died in the course of this unfortunate adventure in search for jobs in far away Libya as a result of Obaseki’s failed promises and government policies.”


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