Elections: Obi has no political godfather, coalition tells Nigerians  

Elections: Obi has no political godfather, coalition tells Nigerians

Mr Peter Obi

Mr Peter Obi Peter-Obi

By Angela Atabo

A coalition of Obidient groups on Saturday called on Nigerians to vote for a presidential candidate without political baggage ahead of the Feb. 25 elections.

Mr Marcel Ngobgehei, Head of Strategy and Operations, Obidient Global March, made the call on Saturday during a rally in Abuja.

Ngobgehei said that this was because the political atmosphere had been characterised with “moneybags” and godfatherism politics.

He said that the 2023 General Elections had presented Nigerians with the opportunity to change the narrative of politics in the nation .

He said that the Obidient Movement started from the idea of rescuing Nigeria by ensuring that credible leaders came into power.

“So at the inception, the obedient movement came together and said it was enough, Nigeria has to move ahead the way other civilised countries are moving.

“We deployed some strategies and identified a candidate different from what we have in the political space of the country where we have money bags.

“This is because we don’t want our candidate to carry baggage because when people sponsor your candidate, then it becomes baggage.

“When he gets into office they will want to influence him to say ‘remember we put you there’, but Peter Obi has no political baggage, nobody can say he is the one that brought him this far .”

Ngobgehei said that the masses were the structure of Labour Party and they would do their best to ensure his victory, adding that Obi had come this far because of the goodwill of the people and notary political father.

He said that the group deployed some strategies to promote his presidential ambition by mobilising resources and people.

He called on Nigerians not to sell their votes but use them wise to decide their leader .

“It is a new era where the youth decide who becomes their president and not one imposed on them by some money bags or groups of delegates anywhere, enough is enough.

Ms Nina Atalor, Focal Person for Support Groups at the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), said so far the party had carried women along in its affairs .

She said it was a sign that women would benefit greatly and be supported in the govement of Peter Obi.

“The female gender is well represented, most of our regional and state coordinators are females, they are well positioned and they have proved themselves.

“This is our time, not just the youth this, it’s the time for the female gender .

“Our principal Peter Obi has always said that he is very interested in the female gender, in positioning and strengthening us .”

Atalor urged Nigerians to come out in mass and vote for Obi for a better nation.

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