Galadiman Bauchi; Aspirants Appeal High Court Judgement

By Sule ALIYU, Bauchi

Aspirants that contested for the seat of Galadiman Bauchi and lost to the Present Galadiman Bauchi Surveyor Ibrahim Sa’idu Jahun has filed a notice of appeal before the Court of Appeal Jos Judicial Division asking the court to set aside the Judgement of the Bauchi State High Court and to grant their relief and prayers.

The Aspirant s Mohammed Yaya Jahun Galadanchi , and Ja’afaru Suleiman filed the appeal  on behalf of galadiman Bauchi Family of Umar Faruku descendants of Fulanin Jahun lineage.

The appeal was filed against Galadiman Bauchi Surveyor Saidu Ibrahim Jahun and the Bauchi emirate Council.

The plaintiffs were dissatisfied the Judgement of the State High Court that dismissed their suit and held that they were not entitle to discretion of the court as they did not prove what they have asserted

Counsel to the plaintiffs Barrister Bello Ibrahim who filed the Notice of appeal argued that “the lower court erred in law and occasion substantial miscarriage on the plaintiffs, when it failed to judiciously and judicially consider and evaluate evidence before him…and reach a perverse decision”

He explained that the Judgement of the State High Court was against the weight of evidence and appeal to the court to set aside findings and the judgement of the lower court and enter judgement granting the claims reliefs and prayers contained in the plaintiff’s writ of summons and statement of claims.

When contacted Mohammed Yaya Galadanchi confirmed the appeal and explained that they will not relent in their struggle to reclaim the status of their house that was snatched away from them.

A close Association of Galadiman Bauchi said they didn’t receive the copy of the appeal and when they received the notice of appeal they will respond appropriately, because they believe that God will help them since they are on the right path adding that its only God that give leadership to whom he wants and he gave it to Galadima Ibrahim Saidu Jahun.


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