Group Threatens Legal Action Against INEC Over Electronic Transmission of Results

The ongoing debate over the most acceptable mode of transmitting election results in the country has taken a different twist following widespread media reports that the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) chair, Prof Mahmoud Yakub body language is suggestive of an unholy alliance with the main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Reacting to the worrisome development, the Center for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has taken a swipe at the INEC boss insisting Prof Yakubu’s body language suggest a glaring conspiracy against Nigerians.

Dr Oduma Festus , exeucutive director of CESJET in a press conference highlighted points to underscore why every reasonable patriot should be worried by the haste of the INEC boss to implement electronic transmision of results mid way into discussions of the national assembly over the contentious issues that would lead to an eventual legislation on the subject matter.

“We are worried just like every other Nigerian is, because this is not a good sign” how could the man supervising elections in a country of over 200 people be seen to be sympathetic to the main opposition party? What impression is Prof Yakubu creating ? Or is he just joining the band wagon of detractors to raise tensions and heat the polity?

“Granted the INEC boss is supposed to be impartial, can he say he is impartial on this subject matter? Recall that the national assembly had put on hold the passage of the bill so as to clear all ambiguities , now in the circumstance , why don’t the INEC boss stick to the existing law guiding the conduct of elections? Is this too much? Why the haste?

Recall the INEC under Prof Yakubu’s watch has been quoted at many times making statements that are at variance with existing legislation on results transmission” the group maintained.

“To make matters worse, Prof Yakubu has indicated desire to implement electronic transmission in the up coming elections in Anambra state which is a few days away.

” Nigerians are asking, what law is Prof Yakubu led INEC is relying on to implement the proposed results transmission?

” Prof Yakubu’s body language is not only an afront on the national assembly as institution, but to over 200 million Nigerian tax payers and citizens ”

“Nigerians are curious indeed for many reasons, why would the head of an election body take sides with the main opposition party even in the face of glaring challenges?

” Election management is a serious affair. The process of any election remains the bedrock of any nation, Prof Yakubu should be guided by the law and not sentiments”

“The Nigerian Communication communication (NCC) the government agency responsible for deploying the needed technology has taken a clear position to support electronic results transmission where practicable , while still in the process of perfecting the otherwise novel proposal ”

“Claims of INEC that it had the required technology to deploy for the purpose of electronic transmission of results is laughable and Nigerians are rightly concerned” Dr Oduma stated.

The group said, there were indications to signal Prof Yakubu’s basis for sympathizing with the PDP.

“Was it not former President Jonathan that nominated same the current INEC chairman on the CONFAB conference under the same PDP? What are we talking about? Nigerians will not wait for the pending implosion if Prof Yakubu is allowed to carry on his sinister agenda with the main opposition party, the PDP .

” Nigeria will truly be a laughing stock if INEC boss is allowed to conduct and transmit results electronically without an appropriate legislation” This would be dangerous and Nigerians will not wait for the moment.

The group said, in order to save Nigerians from the impending implosion orchestrated by Prof Yakubu and the main opposition PDP, it will mobilize a one million March at the INEC headquarters to call for Prof Yakubu’s, sack should he fail to resign having abused his office.

“Let Mr President act now before Prof Yakubu mortgages our democracy in exchange for a pot portage .

“It is a peaceful fight for the soul of the nations democracy” it is indeed a fight to finish. No electronic transmission of results untill appropriate legislation is enacted and signed into law.

“INEC was created to serve the interest of the masses and enable democracy, not to sabbottage ongoing efforts and create unnecessary tensions to provoke emotions for political capital, in this case, in favour of the PDP”.

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