Hawul Council Chairman, Bwala Sets Up Committee to regulate Tractor Hiring

As the rainy season commences in earnest, Hawul Local Government Transition Council Chairman. Inuwa Bwala has inaugurated a committee to handle tractor services and hiring for the 2023 farming season.
He charged the 12 member committee to look into ways of utilizing the five available tractors to be deployed for the services of farmers and to also generate revenue for maintainable of the equipment.
While charging them to avoid the temptation of converting money that may be realized from the tractor services for personal uses, and to ensure farmer gain access to the services irrespective of the sizes of their farms.
Mr Bwala lamented past practices where tractors were denied smaller farmers and proceeds from tractor hiring were diverted for personal uses.
According to him, the Borno State Governor. Professor Babagana Umara Zulum has promised to send more tractors for the use of farmers, but in the meantime, the serviceable tractors should be judiciously utilized for the benefits if all farmers across the Local Government.
The Chairman told members of the committee that, he had to revoke earlier allocations made to middle men, so as to ensure peasant farmers and the less previleged benefit from the tractor services.
He said with the advent of the rainy season, it has become imperative to set up a committee that will ensure farmers are not denied tractor services by middlemen and to also ensure revenue generated from tractor services are remitted into Government coffers.
The terms of reference of the committee include: identifying the locations of all Government tractors and their functional conditions and recover and repatriate them to the council headquarters.
Receive applications from farmers who desire the uses of the tractors and allocate to them after charges have been fixed for the services.
Issue receipts in respect of all services rendered and remit proceeds from tractor hiring to Government coffers.
And to advice council in any necessary step towards ensure equitable distribution of services of the tractors.
Chairman of the committee and former Deputy Chairman of Hawul Local Government Council. Mdahyelya Buba assured the chairman that they will do their best to earn the confidence reposed in them.
He said they are conversant with problems associated with tractor hiring services in Hawul and they will do everything possible to turn around the situation for the better.


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