Insurers, medical consultant charge Nigerians on unity

Insurers, medical consultant charge Nigerians on unity

By Rukayat Adeyemi

President, Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN), Mr Edwin Igbiti, on Friday Lagos charged Nigerians to embrace the Islamic injunction of unity to achieve a better and secured nation.

Igbiti, also Chairman of Council, CIIN made the call at the council’s 2023 Ramadan Tafsir (lecture) with the topic: “Leadership and Followership in Nation Building: The Islamic Perspective.’’

He expressed disappointment that brotherhood between humans and governments were being divided, while lands were being partitioned and segregated by artificially created religious, ethnic and financial borders.

“Individuals as patriotic citizens and followers should embrace the Islamic injunction of unity; be our brother’s keeper in all doings and practice the faith with all sincerity and sobriety.

“This is a great call on all Muslim faithful for sober reflection on the teachings of Almighty Allah through Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W),’’ Igbiti said.

According to him, the 2023 CIIN Ramadan lecture is aimed to raise professionals who are required to display dedication, loyalty in their followership and professionalism both in the nation and at the workplace.

He added that the lecture was designed to address the role of followers in building a better nation following societal issues and challenges confronting Muslims across the globe such as terrorism assault, stereotype and bigotry.

“We are in a season when we reflect upon the wisdom and guidance that comes with Islam and the responsibility that we have to one another and to God.

“This is also a time of intense devotion to Allah, hence, I urge you all to continue to use the holy month to stay close to Allah by seeking for the forgiveness of sins, praying for our country, family and humanity in general,’’ Igbiti stressed.

In the lecture, Dr Sa’eid Ahmad, a medical consultant at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital and cleric advised leaders and followers to regard nation building as a collective responsibility.

“In our various levels of influence, we must contribute to the uplifting of the country for our sake and that of our children,’’ he said.

Ahmad charged newly-elected national leaders to provide effective leadership; attend to the welfare of the people, demonstrate trust, loyalty and transparency in their administrations.
“Our leaders must always remember that they assumed the positions of authority by the grace of God and will surely give account to God who sees and knows all that we do, even in secret,’’ he said.

The cleric encouraged citizens to have faith in their leaders, exhibit self-restraints and righteousness and hold their leaders accountable for responsible bilateral benefits.

On the role of played by youths and the “Gen Zs’’ during the recently-concluded elections, Ahmad said their actions emanated from the failure of the generation before them, a collectively shared responsibility.

He noted that the “Gen Zs’’ would not have behaved the way they did if there had been sufficient, successful and transmissible effective leadership from generations before them.

The medical consultant-cum-cleric, however, cautioned youths to be wary of their involvement in online and physical bullying of those trying to put them on the right track, in the name of wanting a change.

“Gen Zs have to realise that nobody is perfect.

“Just as those who came before them made their mistakes, it is the responsibility of the present generation to examine how they can contribute their bits to correct what they perceived as mistakes.

“They must contribute their quota into what will make the country and not mar it because they want a change,’’ he stressed.

According to him, parents have huge responsibility to bring their children up in the ways of God to make them to become reliable, accountable and responsible citizens that would help to build the nation. (


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