IPOB: South East Mothers Forum Condenms Sit -in Order.

IPOB: South East Mothers Forum Condenms Sit -in Order.

Insists Kanu is Not Ibo…

Following media reports that the self acclaimed leader of IPOB ,Nnamdi Kanu has given an order to the effect that every citizen in the South East should remain indoors on May 30, the SMF has taken a swipe at the order, insisting Kanu is a fugitive and coward whose heritage is in doubt.

The group in a press release on thursday signed by it’s national coordinator Mrs Rose Emeka said no Ibo son would threaten the peaceful existence of her people and take a step further to sabotage their economic livelihood .

“We are Ibos, our identity is business , we are industrious, our children are born with that trait, how then would one man sit somewhere out of the country and dish out threats and ultimatum to our corporate existence and economic survival?” Mrs Emeka queried.

” As mothers we are sometimes worried about the motive of Nnamdi Kanu, but it is important that we do not sit on the fence so as not to let the younger ones tow his ignoble paths”

The group said, it wondered why a man that so much believes in Biafra could not come back home to lead the agitations.

“You need to come to the South East and feel the misconceptions implanted by this man, he takes delight in discord, violence and disintegration , now he has moved a step further to even threaten our economic livelihood and education of our children.

“Who is Nnamdi Kanu and his children? Can he issue such statements in the country that is indulging him? This is sheer wickedness and absolute senselessness and must be resisted.

” We are calling on our children and Nigerians to disregard such calls, as they amount to nothing other than self glorification of a coward”

The group said it has confidence in the security agencies to maintain law and other in the south east region and urged people to go about their normal routine.

“We are losers if we submit to the shenanigans of this character, he is not our blood, no son of Ibo blood and heritage would take the path of self destruction and foist it on his own people” Mrs Emeka maintained


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