Islamic Cleric to Nigerians: Nigeria’ll be great again

Stephen Olufemi Oni, Ilorin

The Coordinator of Islamic Movement in Kwara state, Sheikh Abdullah M. Berende, a staunch follower of Elzakzaky, has admonished Nigerians, irrespective of religious or political leaning, to have faith in project Nigeria, adding that he had an unshakable belief in the country surmounting its current challenges.

The Islamic cleric stated this over the weekend in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital, while fielding questions from journalists on the sideline of a programme organised by Consultative Council for the Ahlul-Bayt (AS).

The theme of the event is ‘towards awareness of our responsibilities’.

He said: “The issue now is that people don’t believe in Nigeria as a project again. I am 100 percent sure that Nigeria will be better tomorrow. I don’t have any doubt about that.

“But how, when precisely and who will make it better, I may not be able to say now? Sincerely, Nigeria will be better again as it is the model for Africa.

“I have many indications even from God that Nigeria is God’s own project. Nigeria will not get destroyed, neither will it get disintegrated. And no enemy from outside will come to destroy it. I will repair it. That is the message from God.”

Sheikh Berende, who traced Nigeria’s problems to its chanced contact with colonialism, lamented that “religion was, and it is still, an instrument in the hands of outsiders used to subjugate Africa.”

He therefore urged both the Christian and Islamic leaders to preach peace, brotherliness, understanding, tolerance for harmonious co-existence, hinting that: “Religion has never failed us as a people. Our culture and tradition recognise religion.

“Unfortunately, when we accepted foreign religions, we get instructions from outsiders for our religious practices. Those outsiders are the agents of destruction here in Nigeria. They preach hatred, pitching one religion against the other. That is where the problems started.

“This allows for corruption. It encourages political and other leaders to be corrupt. The masses will be busy fighting one another, while the leaders will be helping themselves with the people’s commonwealth.”


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