Kaduna Lawmaker Confirms Bandit Attack Resulting in Six Deaths in Sanga LGA

By Milcah Tanimu

Honorable Daniel Amos, representing the Jema’a/Sanga Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, has verified reports of a deadly assault by bandits resulting in the deaths of six individuals in the Ambe community of Sanga Local Government Area, Kaduna State.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Hon. Daniel Amos expressed deep sorrow over the late-night raid on the peaceful residents of Ambe, revealing that eight others were wounded in the attack.

Strongly denouncing the violence, Hon. Amos stated, “The barbaric assault perpetrated by suspected bandits has claimed the lives of six innocent individuals, with eight others sustaining injuries and currently undergoing medical treatment.”

Expressing his outrage, he added, “This reprehensible act is yet another bid to disrupt the peace and security of my constituency and our beloved state. It is intolerable that our citizens cannot live without the constant fear of being targeted by these criminal elements.”

Hon. Amos urged residents of Sanga LGA to maintain calm and unity as efforts are made to address the insecurity in the area. “We must continue fostering harmonious coexistence among our diverse communities, regardless of our disparities,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, he called upon law enforcement agencies to swiftly apprehend the perpetrators and ensure they face justice. “The safety of our people remains paramount. We cannot allow these criminals to operate unchecked,” he asserted.

Assuring his constituents of unwavering support, Hon. Amos pledged to continue working diligently to attract development to the constituency while collaborating with relevant stakeholders to ensure the safety of the populace.

He extended heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families, the Arak chiefdom, Sanga Local Government, and the Kaduna State government, while offering prayers for the speedy recovery of the injured individuals.


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