Kelechi Nwakali Expresses Confidence in Osimhen Leading Super Eagles to AFCON Triumph

Chaves midfielder, Kelechi Nwakali, believes that the Super Eagles, with the recent African Footballer of The Year, Victor Osimhen, have a formidable squad capable of clinching the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) title in Ivory Coast. Osimhen is set to make a return to the Eagles after recovering from a hamstring injury that kept him out of recent World Cup qualifiers.

Heading into the AFCON tournament with a seven-game unbeaten record (four wins and three draws), the Eagles find themselves* in Group A alongside host Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Guinea-Bissau. Nwakali, included in the provisional squad, emphasizes the team’s versatility and quality but underscores the importance of consistency for success in the tournament.
Nwakali expresses confidence in Osimhen’s ability to lead the team to victory, hailing him as the best striker in the world at the moment. He believes the squad, with its depth and skill, can match any opponent, but stresses the need for consistent performance throughout the tournament.

“I believe our squad is capable in any given game of matching any team. But obviously, it’s one thing having that and another being able to do that consistently throughout a tournament,” says Nwakali.

Reflecting on his own role as a central midfielder for Chaves, Nwakali acknowledges the importance of adaptability in football. He mentions the need for players who can perform in various positions and highlights his belief in his capability to play in different roles.

“As a player, you are always adapting. You adapt to your teammates, you adapt to the different coaches you are working under. It depends on what the coaches want from you,” says Nwakali, emphasizing the significance of having versatile players in the squad.

The 25-year-old midfielder, who won the best player award at the 2015 U-17 World Cup, has made significant contributions to the Eagles. With four appearances for the national team, Nwakali brings experience and adaptability to the squad.

As the Super Eagles prepare for the AFCON tournament, Nwakali stresses the need for the team to maintain focus, consistency, and forward momentum to maximize their chances of success.


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