Lionel Messi Scores in Return, but Inter Miami Falls to Atlanta United 3-1

Lionel Messi made a triumphant return to the lineup for Inter Miami, scoring a goal in the 62nd minute, but it wasn’t enough to secure a victory as Atlanta United claimed a 3-1 win at Chase Stadium.

Despite Messi’s inspiring performance, Inter Miami struggled to maintain momentum against a determined Atlanta United side. Saba Lobjanidze led the charge for Atlanta, netting goals in the 44th and 59th minutes, while Jamal Thiaré sealed the victory with a sliding goal in the 73rd minute.

Inter Miami coach Tata Martino acknowledged the team’s lackluster performance, citing fatigue and a dip in form compared to previous matches. However, despite the defeat, Inter Miami retains its position atop the MLS Eastern Conference standings.

Messi’s return to action alongside teammates Luis Suárez and Sergio Busquets marked a significant moment for Inter Miami. The trio had been rested for the club’s previous match, providing them with much-needed recuperation time.

Looking ahead, Inter Miami faces St. Louis City on Saturday night, with Messi’s availability for the match yet to be confirmed. His participation may hinge on his recovery and readiness for upcoming fixtures, including the Copa América tournament next month.

Despite the loss, Messi’s goal provided a glimpse of his enduring talent and influence on the pitch. As Inter Miami strives for success in the MLS, Messi’s presence will undoubtedly be a driving force behind the team’s aspirations.


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