Man arrested by police for the disappearance of 1,300 chickens.

The Ogun State Police have detained a man named Olumuyiwa over the mysterious disappearance of chickens from a farm, valued at N8m. This was confirmed by the state Police Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, in a recent statement.

The incident came to light when Bamgbose, the farm director, reported that a tally showed over 1,300 chickens, valued at N8m, were missing. “The director was distraught, especially considering the current economic challenges,” Odutola mentioned.

Following orders from the state’s Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, a preliminary probe was initiated, leading to Olumuyiwa’s arrest. “The investigation will determine if the suspect was stealing the chickens for sale or personal consumption,” Odutola said.

In another incident, the police apprehended a man, Shobakin, in the Odeda region for allegedly stealing a motorcycle and generator. Caught with a dismantled motorcycle, firearms, and a generator, Shobakin struggled to provide a clear explanation for possessing these items. “Until he can clarify the origin of these items, the case will move to the State Criminal Investigation Department for a comprehensive investigation,” Odutola stated, emphasizing the importance of community collaboration in crime prevention.


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