Michael Ukiye Diongoli Is Indeed A Role Model Worthy Of Emulation.


He is our man crush for today monday the 6th of June 2022.


Born into the royal family of the Diongoli’s in the Kolokuma/ Opokuma local government area of present day Bayelsa State. Michael Diongoli has grown to build a business empire for himself, establishing his brand as a leading financial institution in the nation and stamping his name in the sands of time.


As financial expert known world over for his tact in financial operations.
He has shown an unwavering interest and unbridled commitment to human capacity development.


Mr Michael Diongoli has mastered the craft of breaking even in business spheres and has help dozens of startups benefit from his exposure and wealth of experience in the financial ecosystem.

A trained and certified financial adviser who has consulted for the Royal Bank of Scotland; Barclay’s Bank, NatWest Bank and many others around the world.


His unconventional, out of the box approach to business and particularly financial decision making; has earned his clients numerous solutions to key institutional challenges/problems.


Michael Diongoli is a globally sort after phenomenon renowned to have practical solutions to economy crises and recession.

His involvements in economic oriented projects had road mapped economic possibilities in the mist of bleak options.


The business magnate being a firm believer in the nation Nigeria, operates his business headquarters from Lagos State, Nigeria; and extends his services to the entirety of West Africa.


He believes that the collective sufferings in the land Africa is the untamed strength we need to pioneer and engineer our economic revolution. Thus, he chooses to operate his business from Nigeria, despite having the options of doing business from almost anywhere in the world.

“The mind is the most powerful part of human existence, it is the brooding ground for success.


All thoughts and aspirations are conceived and processed here before execution.
Wining the mind game implies winning life’s game, and thriving in any sphere of life”.

The founder of UK-DION Mr. Michael Diongoli, a financial expert and business thought leader made this known while speaking with a crop of young entrepreneurs in Africa.

The man who rose from starting a business with just three thousand naira from his parlour has increased his fortune to a multi billion naira venture.

He attributes his successes to deliberate tasking of his mind. In his words “I constantly strive to feed my mind with positivity and commission it to learn at every given opportunity. I am here today because my mind is continuously programmed to seek for new truths and disrupt the old”.

Michael Diongoli admonishes aspiring entrepreneurs and SME’s not to joke with tasking their minds to get their desired results.

He believes that developing oneself and consciously getting exposed to 21st century relevant economic knowledge is key to business success.

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