NBC happy with Ebonyi, Enugu inter-state boundaries’ demarcation

The National Boundary Commission (NBC) has expressed satisfaction with the ongoing permanent demarcation of consensus areas of the Ebonyi, Enugu inter-state boundaries.

Mrs Chimma Ugbah, a Chief Surveyor in the commission, made the declaration on Saturday while speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) during the monitoring of the demarcation process.

Ugbah, who is leading the NBC team in the demarcation process, said that it involved the permanent emplacement of beacons on the 94km stretch of the consensus boundary areas.

“We will commence the same process on the remaining 36km of non-consensus (disputed) areas immediately work is completed on the consensus areas.

“We are gratified that stakeholders of the affected communities from both states are adequately involved in the demarcation process and this has enhanced our task,” she said.

Mr Jerry Azubike, An Official from the Office of Surveyor General of the Federation, also expressed satisfaction with the demarcation process in spite of inherent challenges.

“The stakeholders from the affected communities choose the consensus points for the emplacement of the beacons and this has greatly aided the demarcation process.

“The permanent demarcation will enable affected communities to realise the limit of their operations to forestall incessant conflicts between them,” he said.

Mr John Igbede, Acting Surveyor General of Ebonyi, said that the permanent beacon emplacement is divided into three sectors.

“We have covered 40 km out the 94km stretch of the consensus areas and often skip the intermediate areas.

“We observe all ethics on lanes without rivers such as maintaining 46 metres distance from highways and 3 metres from rivers.

“We mount beacons on both sides of the boundaries with 10 metre measurement to maintain the boundary corridors,” he said.

Mrs Joyce Barry-Oko, Secretary of Ebonyi Boundary Committee, said that all concerned stakeholders would still be involved in permanently demarcating the remaining 36km stretch of disputed areas.

“The communities within the disputed areas have been urged to submit relevant documents that will help us achieve a consensus,” she said.

Mr Kenechukwu Offia, a staff member of the Enugu ministry of Lands and Urban Development, complained of difficulties with the transportation of materials to the emplacement points, among other hitches.


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