Netizens Discover Old Video of Nicki DaBarbie Smoking

By Milcah Tanimu

Amidst allegations of assault by Skiibii, Nigerians have unearthed an old video showing Nicki DaBarbie smoking shisha on a boat in Lagos.

Nicki DaBarbie made headlines recently after alleging that Skiibii attempted to use her for rituals during a visit to his home. Despite claiming to have never consumed alcohol or smoked, recent evidence suggests otherwise.

In the video, purportedly from the past, Nicki DaBarbie can be seen smoking shisha while on a boat at night.

Reactions to the discovery varied:

@b_unique: “Still doesn’t change the fact that she experienced something terrible in that house that needs to be accounted for!!”

@official_favourlucky: “I don’t smoke but I take shisha and alcohol, so does that mean I’m a smoker?”

@igwe_credo: “They paid her to tarnish Skiibii, that’s all.”

@arikeeee_: “Nickie was high that day…they gave her something stronger, which is why she thinks everyone around her wants to harm her…Nobody wants to use her for ritual, please.”

@otmtv1: “She’ll probably say it’s just a video she made for fun.”

@hifie.gram: “Shisha can’t get you that high, so I don’t get what point this person is trying to prove.”

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