“Nigeria’s Minister of State for Petroleum Resources Advocates Investor Partnership in Hydrogen Production”

By  Milcah  Tanimu

Rt. Hon. Ekperikpe Ekpo, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Gas), has urged investors to collaborate on hydrogen production and development in Nigeria. Speaking at the Americas Energy Summit and Exhibition in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Ekpo reiterated the Federal Government’s commitment to partnering with genuine investors to unlock the full potential of the country’s natural gas resources for national growth and development.

Key points from the statement:

1. **Open for Business:** Ekpo conveyed that Nigeria is open for business and expressed the country’s willingness to collaborate with foreign investors and nations possessing the necessary technologies and expertise in hydrogen resource production and development.

2. **Global Collaboration:** The minister extended an invitation to international partners, stakeholders, and investors to collaborate in harnessing the full potential of Nigeria’s natural gas resources. He highlighted the importance of innovation and diversification in the energy sector.

3. **Hydrogen as a Clean Energy Solution:** Ekpo acknowledged the transformative potential of hydrogen in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a sustainable energy future. The Nigerian government is actively setting up the framework for hydrogen development.

4. **Seeking Collaborations:** Nigeria is seeking collaborations with countries that have expertise and capacity in hydrogen technologies. International partnerships are seen as essential for advancing hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy solution.

5. **Role of Hydrogen, LNG, and Natural Gas:** The Americas Energy Summit and Exhibition focused on the role of natural gas, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), and hydrogen in decarbonizing global energy markets.

6. **Decade of Gas Initiative:** The government of Nigeria has declared 2021 to 2030 as the “Decade of Gas,” emphasizing the commitment to leverage gas as a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative while meeting the country’s growing energy demands.

7. **Nigeria’s Position in LNG Sector:** Ekpo highlighted Nigeria’s significant role as the 5th largest exporter of LNG globally, contributing to meeting the energy needs of nations worldwide.

8. **Global Collaboration on Climate Change:** The minister stressed the importance of international collaboration in addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the dynamic energy landscape and combating climate change.

Ekpo’s remarks underscore Nigeria’s commitment to positioning itself as a key player in the global energy landscape, particularly in the LNG sector, and its active pursuit of cleaner and sustainable energy solutions.


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