Northern Group Defends Tinubu’s Slip: “Presidents Are Human Too”

The Arewa Think Tank (ATTK), a northern advocacy group, has defended President Bola Tinubu following his slip at Eagles Square in Abuja during Democracy Day celebrations. The group emphasized that such incidents are common among global leaders, citing examples like US President Joe Biden and former Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Muhammad Alhaji Yakubu, the Chief Convener of ATTK, stated that there was nothing unusual about the incident, pointing out that any person, regardless of their status, can trip and fall. He reassured the public that President Tinubu was promptly assisted by his security and aides, and there were no concerns about his health.

“Not just President Tinubu, anyone alive can walk and fall; it happened to President Biden and Fidel Castro. Presidents are human beings and mortals,” Yakubu said.

He further elaborated that similar incidents have happened to many leaders worldwide, disrupting their image of invulnerability. Examples include:

  • President Joe Biden: His fall at the US Air Force Academy drew global attention and was used by critics to question his age and fitness for office.
  • Xi Jinping: The Chinese leader’s 2019 slip in Russia, dubbed the “great fall of China.”
  • Gerald Ford: The former US President’s 1975 tumble from Air Force One, widely mocked in media.
  • Hillary Clinton: Her 2016 stumble due to illness during a 9/11 memorial service became a campaign issue.
  • Donald Trump: His unsteady descent at a 2020 military event led to criticism and the hashtag #TrumpIsNotWell.
  • Robert Mugabe: The Zimbabwean leader’s 2015 fall, which the government blamed on poor carpeting.
  • Vladimir Putin: His fall during a 2019 ice hockey game highlighted his vulnerability.
  • Boris Johnson: The UK Prime Minister’s slip during a charity event in 2015.
  • Margaret Thatcher: The British Prime Minister’s 1982 fall in Beijing during negotiations over Hong Kong.

Yakubu concluded by criticizing those who mock such incidents, labeling them as enemies of the country. He reiterated that President Tinubu is healthy and committed to advancing Nigeria’s development.

“So it is our sincere stand that those rejoicing over the slip and missing steps by President Tinubu are enemies of the country, and there is nothing they can do than to wait for their time because Tinubu is healthy and working hard to take Nigeria to greater heights,” he asserted.


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