NPFL Disputes Allegations of Rejecting $11 Million Broadcast Offer

The Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) has refuted claims that it turned down a broadcast offer valued at $11 million in favor of a lower-value deal. Gbenga Elegbeleye, the head of NPFL, emphasized that during the six years without a broadcast partner, no company approached them with such an offer.

Elegbeleye clarified that while the league had announced its openness to offers, the only proposal they received was a ₦1 billion offer from Propel Sports Africa for streaming services. After six years, the NPFL secured its first broadcast deal ahead of the 2023-2024 season, partnering with StarTimes in a deal valued at around ₦6 billion.

Responding to allegations of rejecting a more lucrative deal, Elegbeleye stated, “When the Interim Management Committee, which I headed, came on board, there was not a single sponsorship for the league.” He highlighted the challenges faced in negotiating these deals, emphasizing the meticulous process undertaken to ensure they were in the league’s best interest.

Elegbeleye reiterated the efforts made to attract sponsorship and rebrand the league, dismissing claims of overlooking a significant offer. He emphasized the league’s openness to partnership offers from credible sports marketing companies.

The NPFL’s response aims to clarify misconceptions surrounding its broadcast deals and underscores its commitment to exploring partnerships that benefit the league and its stakeholders.


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