NYSC Movie Premiere: Diaspora Group Commends DG NYSC Minister

Appeals For Movie Premiere in London….

…Says NYSC Remains Symbol Of Nigeria’s Unity

Following the recent premiere of NYSC movie in Abuja during the weekend, the Nigerian Diaspora Network has commended the director general of National Youth Service Corps ,Brig Gen Shuaibu Ibrahim PhD, for his foresight and sacrifice in driving reforms that reaffirms the undisputable need for a one united Nigeria.

The group in a statement released to journalists and signed by it’s United Kigdom coordinator, Tunde Disu on Tuesday maintained that NYSC since inception has provided the platform that has held Nigeria together up to this day.

“For those of us in diaspora, the songs of disunity often sang in some sections of the country made things appear gloomy for Nigeria , but the premiere of the NYSC movie has yet again reawakened the spirit and essence of national unity and cohesion among our citizens, it is an important tool neccesary to restore Nigeria once more on the trajectory of unity”

The group said the NYSC under Brig Gen Shuaibu has expanded the vision of the directorate on multiple fronts f. “this is demonstrated through massive reforms hinged on skills acquisition for corps members and an unwavering spirit to national service ”

“The recent commissioning of a state of the art skills acquisition center in the south west part of the country is an attestation to the fact that, if supported, the NYSC remains the backbone of the nations stability. ” It is when the youth understand peace and unity that this country will be stable , it is also when they are gainfully employed that unity can be guaranteed, the NYSC is facilitating on both fronts to live to its founding vision ” Mr Disu maintained.

“Indeed, we in the diaspora can now fully understand the very urgent need for an NYSC “trust fund” to consolidate on the vision of NYSC under Brig Gen Shuaibu.

The group further appealed to the NYSC management to consider premiering the NYSC movie in London which platform is connected Nigerians in diaspora so as to spread the message and essence of unity”

” At this point, nothing underscores the need for continued support of NYSC”

The group commended the harmonious working relations between the supervising minister of sport Sunday Dare and the directorate which it said provided an enabling environment for such great transformation under Brig Gen Ibrahim Shuaibu.

“Our maximum support to the scheme is guaranteed , we look forward to a town hall meeting with the directorate to fashion ways of gannering diaspora support for the proposed NYSC ‘Trust Fund ” when finally passed into law.

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