“Optics Valley of China” in Wuhan builds high-caliber talent hub

By Ye Zi

In Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei province, there lies the East Lake High-tech Development Zone, one of the high technology development zones approved by China’s State Council.
In recent years, the high-tech development zone, or better known as the “Optics Valley of China,” has constantly optimized its employment and business environments, making itself a high-caliber talent hub.
As the birthplace of China’s first optical fiber and first electro-optical transmission system, the “Optics Valley of China” has grown into the world’s largest R&D and production center of optical fibers and cables.
Each year, a 100-billion-yuan industry was created there since 2013. Having developed four major industries of integrated circuit, new display, next-geninformation network and bio-medicines, the high-tech development zone is listed as a state-level strategic emerging industry cluster.
Apart from attracting industries, the “Optics Valley of China” is also drawing talents.
Recently, it announced to build a pilot demonstration area of talent construction and released seven major measures in this regard, which marked another upgrade of the high-tech development zone’s human resource policy.
“Applicants of talent programs launched in the high-tech development zone will be free from the restrictions on degree, age, and professional title. All they have to do is to register on an online platform and the platform will automatically give ratings. Those eligible will receive subsidies,” said an official from the development zone.
Numerous “dream chasers” have realized their dreams in the “Optics Valley of China.” As of the end of 2021, the East Lake High-tech Development Zone was home to 1.18 million permanent residents, up 167,700 from a year ago.
HGLASER based in the “Optics Valley of China,” a subsidiary of Chinese intelligent manufacturer HGTECH, has established a 14-member team for the development of high-power laser equipment and software. Though the average age of the 14 members is only 28, they have developed a series of amazing technologies.
With a laser cutting technology they developed, it only takes no more than 10 minutes to carve a painting on a 5,000 mm*4,000 mm*2mm metal sheet. And one of their laser welding technologies allows workers to weld a vehicle cabin skeleton in just 43 seconds.
The team, with great teamwork, has tackled a number of challenges such as high dependence on imported materials and long development period. It has independently developed core technologies and broken foreign monopoly in planar, groove and 3D 5-axis laser cutting machines.
“Compared with imported software, our own software can improve efficiency by 15 percent and reduce costs by 90 percent,” said XuTianrui, a 28-year-old member of the R&D team.
Today, more and more young talents are attracted by the sound atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship in the “Optics Valley of China.”
A demonstration area of the Hubei Youth Pioneer Park located in the HUST (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Science Park offers a low rent and efficient administrative services for young entrepreneurs.
“I kicked off my R&D work on the same day I set up my office here,” said XiongPenghang, a 33-year-old man who graduated from University Pierre et MarieCurie, also known as Paris VI. His company has built an industry-leading human-machine interactive underlying platform in the Metaverse sector.
At present, a batch of cultural, entertainment and ecological projects are under way in the East Lake High-tech Development Zone, and there has been remarkable improvement in the development zone’s living environment. A sci-tech innovation corridor with the East Lake Science City Innovation Industrial Park at the core is taking shape in the “Optics Valley of China.”


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