Overhaul Security Architecture to Tame Surge in Terrorists /Bandits Attack

A group, Northern Advocacy for Peace (NAP) Has condemned in strong terms the resurgence of terrorists and bandits attacks on communities in the North East and North West regions of the country.

The group in a statement signed by its President, Ambassador Khalifa Shuaibu explained that in the past two weeks, terrorists and bandits have continued to attack communities in Kebbi, Niger Sokoto, Zamfara, Kaduna and Imo states leading to the death of numerous unarmed civilians.

“These fews weeks have witnessed an orgy in the killing of innocent Nigerians by terrorists, bandits and criminal elements, unabated. The terrorists and bandits have had a field day slaughtering Nigerians destroying their properties rendering them homeless thus making them refugees in their country. This is indeed sad, disturbing as well as condemnable.

“Kaduna suffered a deadly attack in kagoro local government area leading to the death of over 34 civilians, 2 military personnel and several wounded people with property razed down.

“Zamfara has become a theatre of murder and boxing ring of deaths. Over 37 civilians were killed and over 62 kidnapped in Jugi, and Doruwa in Bungudu local government, similar killings occurred in Ganar- Kiyawa village in Bukkuyum local government recording deaths and kidnapping of over 20 members of the community.

“Kebbi state has not been left out in this bloodletting attacks, 63 vigilantes were murdered and the deputy governor of the state attacked by bandits leading to the death of 18 soldiers. Pockets of killings, and attacks have continued in the state.

“Several local governments in Niger State reportedly controlled by terrorists, armed groups and bandits, who visit communities with mayhem and destruction.

“The situation has deteriorated to a situation where Terrorists now impose levies on communities, demand for food as a prerequisite for peace”, the statement noted.

The group further querries that activities of armed IPOB members in Imo in particular and the south East in general calls for worry.

“These attacks by IPOB are targeted at security formations which should scare criminals. Almost every state in the Federation has one protracted security challenge, ranging from the activities of BokoHaram, bandits, armed herdsmen or militia killings.

“We are deeply worried, just when you think success is being recorded, the success is eroded with devastating attacks by these insurgents and bandits. We are aware that, President Buhari has bought sophisticated weapons and armory for the military. Budgetary allocation for the military has continued to rise. Nigerians expect corresponding victory in the war. Mr President has provided all that is needed or demanded for this war. These insurgents must be crushed now.

“This has left us with no option but to make a patriotic call to President Muhammadu Buhari to sack the Chief of Defence Staff, Lt. Gen. Leo Irabor, who has demonstrated ineptitude in the coordination of this war. We cannot continue to watch Nigerians die in avoidable circumstances in this manner.

“Our findings reveal that Lt. Gen. Irabor has reached his retirement age in the military. Leaving such a person who has attained the necessary retirement years to head this war is counter productive. There will be no vigour or determination in him. This will also create animosity within the rank and file of the military. It is capable of bringing sabotage to war too.

“This sack should be followed with a complete overhaul of the intelligence office. The Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI) Major General S. Adebayo should be removed immediately and replaced with another officer who will provide the required intelligence for the military to defend the sovereignty of the country. This important office under Major General S. Adebayo has failed woefully. It has become a clog in the wheel of this fight. The CDI does not understand his job or he does not know the importance of his office in this fight after all.

“Mr President must save lives and property by swiftly sacking the Chief of Defense Staff Lt. Gen. Lucky Irabor. It is not rocket science to know that he has failed to coordinate the security agencies in combating insurgency and criminality in the country. He has failed to give proper direction”, the statement stated.

The group further enjoined the security agencies to demonstrate the ability to crush the terrorists saying it is the only practical action that will rekindle the confidence of Nigerians in the security agencies.

“If Mr president does not heed to our appeal, we wish to further press home our demands my mobilizing other civil society and pressure groups to protest to the National Assembly and the Presidential villa to register our displeasure over the recent killings and retention of the Chief of Defense staff”, the group added.


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