Party Chair/ Emirs Deny Endorsing Wakawa

By: Ali Musa Biu- Maiduguri

In a quick reaction to claims by the member representing Hawul State constituency in the Borno state House if Assembly, Hon. Ayuba Wakawa, the Chairman All Progressive Congress, APC in Hawul local government area of Borno state, Alhaji Auwal Shaffa denied any such development
In a telephone chat with our correspondent in Maiduguri, the party leader said he is ready to face anyone in court who claimed that he or any of the stakeholders in Hawul local government gave endorsement to any candidate seeking political office from the area.

Auwal Shaffa told national trail that whatever that the member representing Hawul state constituency, Hon. Ayuba Wakawa said was a fabrication of his imagination as he was not speaking their words as reported in SE tions of the media.

“Hon. Ayuba Wakawa came to us as any other candidate. We are party officials and should not be seen to be playing a rogue politics against our people. We have six candidates from Hawul local government and two from Askira/Uba seeking the position of membership of the house of representatives. We never endorse Ayuba Wakawa or any other candidate.

” The party would have to hold primaries first. Any candidate that won irrespective of who, we would really support to such candidate for the victory of APC. As a party we are going to look into such claims but I am assuring you this is not our position as an individual and equally not our position as a party.” Auwal said.

Also speaking a member of Hawul stakeholders, Mohammed Saidu told our correspondent that, except perhaps the stones that were hurled at Hon. Ayuba Wakawa during his visit to Hawul when he went for declaration there was no constituency endorsement for him or any other candidate in Hawul.

” In my opinion, the party should suspend any politician that would begin his journey with such unspeakable lies. What has he (Ayuba) done to the people to deserve a constituent endorsement?

” He lied as such should be punished for telling lies. That means he was never ready to come and work for the people. This is not the type of politician that should occupy any seat as representing the people of Hawul. We shall soon summon him because what he said at this time was grievious and politically wrong.” Saidu said.

Speaking on the positions of the Emir’s of Askira and Uba, Alhaji Samaila Usman told us that politicians should learn to stop putting traditional rulers into their politics.

“If the traditional rulers blessed this politician what has that got to do with his aspiration? The traditional rulers as custodians of our culture and traditions plays fatherly role to all. Any politician that comes to them receives blessing. I don’t know why this Hon. Ayuba Wakawa should go that long trying to align their blessing with report of his political aspiration. This could portray the royal father’s as biased.

” I can tell you that both Emir of Askira and that of Uba are respected fathers. We love them and would not allow any politician to drag their names into the mud by creating an impression that their blessing should go further than the palace into political waters. Hon. Ayuba should be ashamed. I am going to personally meet with our fathers to discuss further but never should anyone takes their words or blessing to murky waters. They are not politicians and it was not only Ayuba Wakawa that they have blessed. Trying to aligned their blessing with whatever story he has to make for his aspiration is needless.”

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