Police reform must precede meaningful fight against corruption – NGO

Mr Obinna Nwagbara, Chief Executive Officer, Youth and Students Advocates for Development Initiative (YSAD) said on Saturday that meaningful police reform must precede effective fight against corruption.

He told our correspondent in Aba, Abia, that since law enforcement is at the heart of correcting social ills, the fight against corruption would not be won unless the police was reformed.

“That is the reason we want to partner with the Nigeria Police in wiping out brutality and extortion, especially of motorists by policemen and women.

“We have written to the Nigeria Police headquarters in Abuja to partner with us in fighting corruption among policemen by making Nigerians active in doing the right things.

“There is the need for Nigerians to participate in building our society and that is why we have this public awareness campaign we are undertaking now.

“It is titled: `No dey give bribe, follow the rule – A campaign against extortion of motorists on Nigerian roads and brutality by law enforcement agents,’’ he said.

Nwagbara said the YSAD focused on eradicating extortion as a type of corruption because it is prevalent among security operatives and it also drives more people into poverty.

He said while extortion of Nigerians did not start recently, it did not mean that it should be allowed to continue, especially when it supported lawlessness among policemen and other security personnel.

He stressed that if corruption among security operatives was curbed, more than 30 per cent of the corruption plaguing Nigeria would be solved.

Nwagbara called on all Nigerians to join hands with YSAD and relevant authorities to sanitise the police.

This, he said, would enable Nigerians to enjoy peace in their land which is well blessed but troubled by corruption.

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