Pray For Buhari –Prophet Ojo

By Ikhili Monday EBALU, Benin City
A Benin based cleric, Prophet Emmanuel Agge-  Ojo has called on Nigerians to continue to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari to avert history repeating itself in the case of former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and the then Vice- President Goodluck Jonathan in May, 2010.
Prophet Agge – Ojo, General Overseer of New Gate Church in Benin, told journalists while commenting on the state of the nation, that God Almighty has told him to tell the leadership of the country to seek genuine spiritual intervention in the affairs of the nation as it was under spiritual spell.
He stated that when former Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Media, said that there spiritual forces in Aso Rock, the seat of the Federal Government in Abuja, people did not believe him and called him all sorts of name.
He stated that as a result of the spiritual alter in Aso Rock; the President has lost his focus and would remain so until genuine men of God seek spiritual intervention to solve the problem.
He said, “People of a reasonable nation should always pray for the survival of the nation and the well being of their President. As for President Muhammadu Buhari, nobody should wish dead. He is a husband, a father and a family man and his family should also seek spiritual assistance to help him surmount his health problems. So, for me, I wish him well and stable so that he can run the affairs of the nation.
“If those in government do not seek genuine spiritual intervention in the affairs of this country, the Jonathan/Yar’ Adua scenario may be repeated, there will be minor chaos in the country, there will be no war. It is not about the calling of different religious groups or Marabouts to pray for the country, it is like the case of Isaiah and Zachariah and this will be reversed”.
He lamented that religious leaders were afraid to speak on the affairs of the nation because they were afraid of been harassed and those in authority would not want to listen to the message of God.
The cleric who said that he had predicted the death of Michael Jackson, the fall of the Nigeria Stock Exchange Market, the recent victory of Donald Trump of the USA, the formation of a party with the broom logo, said that he would remain quiet and must deliver God’s message to Nigerians.
On the state of the nation under President Muhammadu’s administration in the last two years, he said, “two years into the life of this administration, you can see for yourself what is happening. Even a lay man can tell you what is happening within the system. So, it is very important for people like us to speak; the state of the nation is very poor and we should not be afraid to say so.
“If you build all the roads, build skyscrapers, railways, airports, and others, without stomach infrastructure (food0, you have given nothing because people are hungry. I predicted in 2005, that there will tomatoes in the market, but no money to buy them. I also predicted in the same year that a party with the broom as its logo will emerge and that the nation will suffer under it. This is what is happening today”.
He therefore urged Christians and Muslim leaders to speak out and give their advices whenever the country was in trouble.


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