President Tinubu: A Call to Support Ganduje and the APC in Kano

In the intricate tapestry of Nigerian politics, few states hold as much significance as Kano. Its political landscape, often likened to a battleground, has witnessed numerous shifts, alliances, and betrayals that significantly influence the national narrative.

Recent events surrounding the gubernatorial election tribunal contest have ignited intense debate and raised pertinent questions about loyalty, leadership, and the future trajectory of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kano.

At the heart of this debate stands President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whose actions, or perceived lack thereof, have garnered both accolades and criticisms.

The aftermath of the election tribunal contest between Dr. Nasir Gawuna of the APC and Engr. Abba Yusuf of the NNPP has left many puzzled. President Tinubu’s perceived silence during this critical juncture has led to speculation about his true intentions and loyalty to his party and allies in Kano. There are assumptions that he may have sided with the NNPP for personal political gains, especially with an eye on the 2027 elections, sparking discontent among APC supporters in the state.

However, it’s imperative to delve deeper into the complexities of Nigerian politics beyond mere assumptions. President Tinubu’s political astuteness and strategic vision have been pivotal in shaping the APC’s ascent to power. His commitment to a united and prosperous Nigeria has resonated with millions, garnering him widespread support across the nation.

This broad support underscores the backing for his potential second term in 2027, with most state governors, irrespective of party affiliations, expressing their endorsement.

Nonetheless, even the most adept leaders face challenges and criticisms. The recent discord in Kano underscores the delicate balance between allegiance to the party and personal ambitions. President Tinubu’s perceived silence regarding Dr. Umar Ganduje’s predicament, the APC National Chairman, has raised concerns about his loyalty to allies.

Ganduje, a staunch supporter of President Tinubu, finds himself in a battle for his political survival against powerful vested interests aiming to unseat him. The stakes are high for President Tinubu and the APC in Kano, as losing the gubernatorial seat to the NNPP has dealt a significant blow to the party’s fortunes.

However, there is still hope. The APC’s recent resurgence, propelled by the relentless efforts of Ganduje and other party stalwarts, indicates a potential shift in the political landscape. Disillusionment with the NNPP’s governance has created an opportunity for the APC to regain lost ground and secure victories in future elections.

Yet, this victory is not assured. Internal divisions within the APC, exacerbated by external pressures, threaten to derail the party’s progress and unity. President Tinubu’s intervention is urgently required to mend these divisions and galvanize support for Ganduje and the APC leadership in Kano.

His silence has caused apprehension among supporters and adversaries alike, fueling speculation and uncertainty. It’s time for President Tinubu to reaffirm his commitment to his allies and the APC in Kano. By standing firmly with Ganduje and the party leadership, he can send a powerful message of unity and strength.

The Progressive Governors Forum, comprising governors elected under the APC, must also lend their unwavering support, demonstrating solidarity in the face of adversity.

In conclusion, the future of the APC in Kano hangs in the balance. President Tinubu’s leadership and decisive action are crucial to navigate the party through these turbulent waters. Let us not abandon Ganduje, but instead, unite as one party, one nation, in our pursuit of a better future for all.

Olorunsola, an APC chieftain, offers this perspective from Kano.


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