“APC’s Legal Tussle: North Central Forum Challenges Ganduje’s Chairmanship”

By Milcah Tanimu

The North Central All Progressives Congress (APC) Forum has raised concerns over the legality of Abdullahi Ganduje’s position as the National Chairman of the party. According to the forum’s lawyer, Ayuba Abdul, Ganduje’s appointment could lead to legal liabilities, including implications for the Edo and Ondo state primaries conducted under his leadership.

The forum has filed a lawsuit before a Federal High Court in Abuja challenging Ganduje’s appointment, arguing that it violates the party’s constitution. The suit alleges that the APC failed to follow proper procedures in appointing Ganduje, who replaced Abdullahi Adamu from the North Central state of Nassarawa in 2023.

Key points from the forum’s prayers include:

  1. Declaration that Ganduje’s appointment violates the APC constitution.
  2. Assertion that the National Convention is the final authority for electing or removing national officers.
  3. Demand for the appointment of a chairman from Nasarawa State in the North Central zone, in accordance with party procedures.
  4. Request for the court to set aside Ganduje’s appointment and direct the APC to conduct a fresh convention for electing a national chairman.

Saleh A. Zazzaga, the Chairman of the North Central APC Forum, emphasized that their lawsuit seeks fairness and justice. He expressed disappointment in the party’s failure to address their concerns, prompting them to seek legal redress.

Zazzaga stressed the importance of resolving the issue promptly to prevent further uncertainty and internal strife within the party. He emphasized the detrimental effects Ganduje’s tenure could have on the APC’s future prospects and urged the party to take appropriate action.


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